Monday, October 1, 2012

Going well!


Well! This week went really well. We had 5 people in church this week. That was awesome :) We had the potential of having 11 people but I´m happy with 5 people. We found a family this past week. A mom and 8 kids! With 6 of them with more than 8 years of age. But 2 Aren´t really wanting much with the church. But I´m super excited to help them get bapitzed. We are really finding a lot of wonderful people in this area. We are working well with the ward here and also now I have a area book! :) Woot! When I first got here that wasnt here so now we are good. My companion reminds me of a brasilian version of Grant Collins. haha :P It´s awesome! So anyways, this area really as a lot of great potencial.

Something that I´ve really gained on my mission is testimonies for specific things. For example, the principles of the gospel. I´ve gained huge testimonies for faith, repentance, prayer, fasting, etc. Because of specific experiences i´ve been having on my mission I´ve really gained bigger testimonies of these principles. It´s something that I´m really grateful. 

It sounds like you guys are doing great! I´ve got to get going but just know things are really looking up here in this area :)

com amor,

√Člder Grant Shaw Merrill

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