Monday, October 29, 2012

What to put here...


Hi family and friends! What´s going on? Things are going well here! This week wasn´t as good as I had hoped but things are moving on. Tomorrow is transfers again. I can´t believe that! This transfer went by super quickly! Man, they don´t stop going quicker and quicker. I can´t believe that it´s time again. This has been a good transfer. Baptized a lot, gained confindence in the members here and really helped the ward move along. It´s been good. I don´t know why but I keep getting this feeling that I will be transfered soon... don´t know why. I´ll know in a couple of hours if i will.

Black Butte is so awesome lucky! haha. Gavin is awesome! yes! Elder Adams is a good friend of Jordan´s and I knew him before the mission and I´ve seen him here :) He´s awesome :) Good missionary too. I will know tomorrow if my package came or not. What?! Johnny is going to mexico? that I did not know! haha. Sweet! Right now, it´s super hot! Ridiculously hot! Freak! But it´s all good! :) My companion is a good guy. He has about 7 months on the mission and he´s doing well. We are working well together! :) Man, time has been eaten up now. I´ve already got to go, but I´ll let you know what´s happened with transfers next time! :)

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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