Monday, October 8, 2012



Hey guys! So this week went by really fast. But it was really good. It´s really amazing everything that you can learn in one week. I feel that way each week. Really when you pray and put the things you learn into practice, you grow a lot. The things that are possible with just a diligent attitude really gets a lot done. Sometimes you feel like you have nothing else and you just want to be done for the week, but persevence and diligence really make a difference. 

So I believe I told you guys about the family of a mom and 8 kids. Her name is Dulce and all her kids are boys and have names starting with A haha. It´s awesome. Anyways, their ages are 2-17. 2 of the kids can´t be bapitzed because of age and 2 others just are interesting at all. But the others are really. Yesterday we had the baptism of 3 of the kids and the mom and the next week the other kid will be baptized. It was just awesome :) It´s wonderful to see this family really coming together more becasuse of the gospel. I think baptism and performing the baptism is my favorite thing ever. It brings so much happiness to me :) And to them of course :P haha. Anyways we had 4 baptisms yesterday and we´re planning on 3 more this next week. I´m really loving this area. the people here are awesome and the members really are helping. We are forming  a good relationship with the members here too. i´m trying everyday to be a better leader as well. It´s definitely a learning process.

So where I leave everynight we get to hear the wonderful sounds of the rats that live in our ceiling. It´s so great :P hahah. Hey did I tell you guys how I met one of phil´s companions, twice? haha. I forgot his name but I met him on the metro. He really looked up to phil. He was a junior when phil was his companion. That was super cool :P

Man conference was super good. It might of been my favorite. I think it´s because this time around I really was trying everything to learn by the spirit and apply the principles I learn later. There was some pretty awesome talks given. I really felt like a lot of them were given for me haha. Something I´m trying to getting better at is faith. Elder Anderson talked a lot about this. I really enjoyed it a lot. The things that we can learn from the apostles and prophet is amazing. They are greatly inspired men and know exaclty what we need. 

It´s crazy that guys can leave with 18 and girls with 19 now. So awesome but weird! haha I like it though :) My companion has 7 months on the mission. seems like so little time :P me with my 1 year and 3 hahaha; :P man.. it´s strange how time passes.

anyways, I hope you all are well and having a good week! It´s been great here. the sisters of my district had a baptism this week. Things are going great! :) I´m as happy as could be :) Love you guys!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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