This is Grant & his first companion, Elder Richins.

Grant & Elder Richins in front of the Sao Paulo temple.

This is their "study area"!

This is a picture at Maria's baptism.

These next pictures Grant sent with his 10/24/11 e-mail:

Here's a photo sent today (10/31/11)--it's from the MTC.
Elder Ransom, Elder Nascimento, and Me!!! (with reallllllllly short hair!!)

Grant sent the following photos with his 11/21/11 e-mail:

1. A Church across the street from where I live

2. Me at the temple

3. Cute little kitty!

Pictures sent 11/28/11:

1: Goodness on Halloween :) was so good :) Thanks!

2: Wilkennia!! She stopped smoking right as we asked her to :) Was awesome!

3: The accident!

4: A week after!

Pictures sent 1/23/2012:

These pictures were sent 2/20/2012

Grant sent these on 4/23/12

Grant Sent these photos 5/14/12:

The following pictures were posted on a member's facebook. This was Easter Sunday & celebrating Grant's birthday!

The following are pictures that have been posted on FaceBook by friends of Grant's in Brazil:

These were sent to us on 11/12/12:

Pictures Sent today 3.11.2013