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Family! what´s up??! HAPPY FATHER´S DAY!!! I´m so grateful to have the best dad ever!!! He´s soo awesome :) What a great dad :) Thanks for being it! 

I almost saved people from fire! Yeah! well, what happened. we were walking when we saw a fire coming from a house, it was the biggest fire I had ever seen in fire in my lifetime. (since i borned) and it was crazy. So I gave my bag to my companion and was ready to run into the building, but i noticed that someone in the building was getting the fire down with a hose and that the fire was going down really. So it was almost cool!!! haha. The fire came from a bbq grill.. man :P haha.

Hey!!! things are going great. We had a baptism (probably my last in my mission) this sunday. GUESSS WHAT?!?! do you guys remember elder Hedrick? My third companion. well he is here in brasil with his family and guess what?!!? he came and visited caraguá so i got to see him! It was the best ever. He´ll be here this next weekend! He´ll be returning home on the same day i´m going home! woot! He was probably one of my favorite companions (if not my favorite) I learned a lot from him and he inspired a lot of my mission. I love that guy. He´s doing well. And now his parents say that i got a second home :) haha. They live in South Jordan. It´s sweet.

I´m giving a talk this sunday now, and the next one too huh?! daora. so it´ll be sweet! one in portuguese and one in english. (speaking of, how much time will i have to talk??) This week we have conference with a 70. That´ll be cool, just weird thinking it´ll happen a week before i go home. Crazy go nuts!!!!

Hey, I have other white pants at home right? I´m trying to leave a lot of things here. I´ve bought all the souveiners except for one, that i´ll have to wait until I go to the temple next week to get. I´m super excited about  that because the last time i went was in february of 2012. so yeah. it´s been a while.

My last week we have a activity called flight 103 (haha funny cause we will get a "plane" so i´ll get 2 :P hahah) but in the activity the plane crashes. and then they go to the spirit world. And we learn about the plan of salvation. It´ll be sweet. Then i´ll get another flight, and survive! (hehe i´m kidding sorry mom :P)

Vietnamese?!?! Craziness!!!! congratz a ele! How much time does he have? not much huh? hey who are all the peeps in brasil now? curious and has skyler already come home?

Yeah, dad can´t be sore. Got to take me fishing in alaska :P hahah :)

Hey!!! So this is my last week! And I´ll do my best to leave a great memory here :) I love you guys and see you soon!!!!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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