Monday, June 3, 2013

one more down


well fam! What´s going on? Thinks are going well. Zone is going better. We had three baptisms in the zone this week and Zeze was confirmed too. We did a lot of divisions this week and I will continue to do a lot. So for that, we were barely in our area. This week will happen my last zone council. That´ll be weird! It´s cool though. 3 more sundays. I´m going to be going to Ilha Bela and São Sebastião this week with divisions so that´s cool.

Hey, what should i get Valerie? I´m not sure... Give me some ideas. It was my companion´s birthday saturday and so i bought him a cake. It was a good cake too. We had a fast lunch on saturday with the branch. It was awesome! Super good food and we made some good visits with the branch. It was a good activity and we got some good referencias like this. 

I´m not sure yet about getting out of the security yet, but that would be cool. Dad what´s EQ? haha. And I´m excited to give my talk. (and to know my subject)

These are some excited times in the mission, we are making some evaulations to see what missionaries are going to stay in mission são paulo leste and which ones wont! President is wanting me to evaluate the work of some of the missionaries in my zone to see who will take my place as zone leader. Weird.. haha. It´ll be cool that when I get home one week will happen 4th of July!

My companion is way cool, he is helping me a lot stay foucsed these last couple of weeks :P haha. I'm learning so much from him too.

Well, things are going well. And I can´t wait to see you guys! did you guys say that the collins will 
come up on saturday? Because I think it might be easier if I just waited to see them until saturdaythen. But i´ll think about it :)

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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