Monday, May 27, 2013



Well, Zeze got baptized! :D:D:D:D:D It was probably one of the best baptisms that i have had on my mission yet. Serioulsy, it was just a great spirit there. I´m soooo happy that she was able to get baptized :) It was wonderful! :) We found the most golden family too on saturday ever! I know we will be able to get them to church and baptism them! ah I just want to baptize baptize baptise! yes :P agora, they remind me so much of an american little family too, maybe that´s why I love them hahah :P haha.

It sounds like you guys are still having fun without me ;) haha. I bet that new star trek was awesome :P gots to see it. Mom, this itinerary i have been buggin the secretarties about for a bout 3 weeks and I finally recieved it too :p haha. But yes,l I bummed that i have to wait an extra 5 hours waiting! haha craziness! Hey, what are you shirt sizes? But It´s all good , it´ll give me time to think :) also phil and jess shoe size?

I think mountain mikes is what i want for dinner the night i get home :P haha. thinking about american food makes me trunkie :P haha. 

I can´t believe shawn is going on his mission! That´s craziness! This week I´m going to take out money just to let you know. Just in case money :)

Well, I got to keep going for a couple more weeks then I´ll see ya! :)

com amor,

√Člder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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