Monday, February 25, 2013



Well, transfers have come again! Wow this transfer went by super fast. I can´t believe it. My companion Elder Santos, will be trasfered and start his last transfer opening a new area and training. I don´t know who my new companion will be yet. I think it´ll be an american (Elder Atkin) but I´m not sure and i´ll know later tonight!

We did well this month as a zone. We baptized well, confirmed well. It went well. I´m super excited for march. There will some new elders in the zone and it´ll go well. More and more of Luana´s family are becoming part of the church! This last sunday the husband of Luana´s grandma was baptized in one of branchs in our zone. It was great! We are still working on more of her family! haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! haha daora. Deve ser legal pra ter 50 anos... talvez... hehehe. Things are awesome here! Really weird that David is starting his last transfer now! WHAT?! Speaking of I meet a guy who served his mission with david. His name is... dang it... I forgot his name in house. I´ll bring it next time and show you... also... forgot my camera O_o sorry! next time. :P But the guy loved david. Said he´s an awesome missionary. He also said David is an assitant now?! Sweet! Where´s his emails? hahaha. :P Now´s my turn to be one! It would be fun to be one.

Being a lider of zone is cool. I do enjoy the administrating part. I realized that I work a lot with numbers. What I mean by that. my brain works with numbers. I make lists, planning things, and other things all the time. It´s how I relive stress. I have sooooooooooo many papers with different lists, etc, on it. My companion noticed this too. Like I made a list of my entire mission in according to weeks. And I put where i was, how many a baptized each with, with who i was, and other things. It´s funny haha.

I "passed" in Peter Williams zone. He was a zone leader and one of the areas was the Campinas temple. So the third time i went there he was zone leader and I talked to some missionaries that were some of his missionaries. It´s crazy how many connections I´ve had here on the misssion. I´ve known 2 guys that served with David, two companions of Phil, etc. It´s cool. I´m really wanting to make this last past of my mission the best. Sometimes I feel sooooooooooooo tired. Seriously, I´ve been the most tired I´ve ever been on my misssion this past little while. But I want to give it my all. I´ve been praying more, fasting more, and really just doing everything I can. With that being said, I have a lot to improve on. I need to do better. Sometimes Satan really tries to work on you saying taht you aren´t a good missionary and he tries to convince you to compare you with others (like with phil, other missionareys here or other firends), but you can´t. We are all at different levels on the gospel and we are all progressing (or should be). 

By the way, I think there might be a chance of spliting our mission. With all these new missions (especially sao paulo west and santos) those two are very close of ours and it ´s possilbe. Our mission does have 11 stakes with 2 stakes on the verge of splitting. Craziness!

Speaking of people going on missions. I think the chrucch did this so there would be no girls left for me to date when I got back :P hahaha. :P jk. But it´s funny, cause all the girls and either getting married or going on missions hahah. Dang it man :P haha.


com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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Monday, February 18, 2013

No Subject from Grant!


Well, good week. We baptized well and confirmed well. Luana´s two grandmas were baptized! One in our area the other in Porto Novo. Wow that was awesome. We had the baptism together. It was a great expierence. I really enjoyed it. Cecília is her name. Cecília was getting more and more excited about her bapitsm and this past week finally accepted a date. and she stopped smoking :) Man that was good. Hey I might have to go now! Sorry it´s super short! next week will be better love you!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!


Well, jk! I have more time. haha. Anyways, This was a good week! We were able to get a lot of references and help from the members. We fasted again this week and I contribute a lot of the reason why Cecília being baptised to that. It was great! Well, I´m hoping to complete the family. Just the mom and dad need to get married. haha.

The zone is going well, I´m hoping to help my old companion more, (elder olson) as he is having trouble still with portuguese. Which is normal :) But I feel bad for him. So I set some goals with him.

Last zone meeting I talked to the elders about the importance of desire. We had two recent converts bear their testimony too. All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the result of the training I gave. I hope they learned, as I did too.

I´m learning a lot with my companion. it´s awesome. I´ll send pictures next week okay :P Promise! and my companion is a zone leader. 

I think I know who Kelsey Cole is. But hey, now I really have to go. I promise next time will be a little longer :) okay :)

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

Monday, February 11, 2013

This will be a good week

Oi! Well, what´s rocking fam e amigos?

Well, it was a pretty good week this week! We started doing the divisons this week. It went well. We are trying to help more the missionaries in our zone here. We have great missionaries in our zone. They are awesome guys. I´m trying to help in the best way I can. 

We are teaching the grandma of Luana. She´s super awesome. She was smoking but she´s stoping. She´s a miracle :) Man awesome. A couple of weeks ago, we were trying to get her to church but she wouldn´t go because she doesn´t like leaving her house. So we were trying and trying but she wouldn´t go. Finally, we invited her two weeks ago and we went to get her and she was ready and waking up her grandaughetr who is a member too (Carla). Man, it was a small miracle that is slowly turning into a great mircle. We are trying to help her be baptized this week.

This week in our zone, we have a lot of people to baptize. I´m pretty excited about it :) 

It sounds awesome about the people going to mission. And I feel really bad for Dallin.. I would not like to go home early. I have 2 years to serve and that´s what I want to do. 

Today we went hiking. Woot! I got to go already sorry it was rushed and short, it´ll be better with pictures next time :)

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!!!!!! love it :P

Monday, February 4, 2013

Helping the zone!


Well, this week was fun!

We are losing a recent convert. A woman from another church has been talking to her and she has been listening to her. The problem is that the woman is telling lies about the church. So sadly she has been believing her and almost calling the cops on us... :( Sadness! But okay.

The zone baptized 3 this week. We were supposed to have a baptism in our area this week but the grandma didn´t allow it, because she got offended when we talked about authority and how in our church we have it. Well, we are still working with her and hoping that the grandma will understand.

We didn´t have lights in our house for about 5 days. Which means: cold showers,  no lights, no fans, no fridge. Taht was fun hahah. Almost our washing machine is broken so we wash by hand now O_o hahah. 

We taught this lady who her son almost went on a mission but left the church little before. And because of that and of other things, she´s not a fan of the church really. But we are working with her and hoping to see results from that :)

We had zone counsel this week. Super good. I love the president :) he´s awesome. Bascially I`m super excited to be an LZ and it´ll be good. It´ll be a lot more work now because we have to do divisions 2-3 times every week. (closing our area an entire day O_o) but it´s to help the zone grow together. I know it´ll work well :)

Luana (a recent convert) went to the temple :D Super exciting. She´s super awesome :) Man, I was so happy for her :) She absoutley loved it too :) Man, It´s great to see such progress :)

It was so hot the other day taht I got a huge migrane from the sun. Not fun :P hahaha. But oh well.

Hey, how much money do I have in my bank?

I had a drream the other night that on David´s last transfer he came to my mission and was my companion. hahha. I can´t believe that he´ll be going home in the next transfer! That´s crazy. By the way, wheres his emails? Oh my companion will be going in the next one too! Crazy go nuts!!! I think I will stay here in this area for 2 more transfers and then go train in another. That´s what I think though. 

Hey, question, do you guys have pictures of my baptism? Cause I can´t remember mine :P hahah. Just wondering.

So wow! Fiji! Craziness! Can´t believe it. The guy you saw in the photo with me was Elder Diniz. He spent his last transfer with me (my 2nd companion). He´s awesome :)

Well, it sounds like you guys are doing great :) keep doing great then :P hehe. I love you guys!
com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!