Monday, February 4, 2013

Helping the zone!


Well, this week was fun!

We are losing a recent convert. A woman from another church has been talking to her and she has been listening to her. The problem is that the woman is telling lies about the church. So sadly she has been believing her and almost calling the cops on us... :( Sadness! But okay.

The zone baptized 3 this week. We were supposed to have a baptism in our area this week but the grandma didn´t allow it, because she got offended when we talked about authority and how in our church we have it. Well, we are still working with her and hoping that the grandma will understand.

We didn´t have lights in our house for about 5 days. Which means: cold showers,  no lights, no fans, no fridge. Taht was fun hahah. Almost our washing machine is broken so we wash by hand now O_o hahah. 

We taught this lady who her son almost went on a mission but left the church little before. And because of that and of other things, she´s not a fan of the church really. But we are working with her and hoping to see results from that :)

We had zone counsel this week. Super good. I love the president :) he´s awesome. Bascially I`m super excited to be an LZ and it´ll be good. It´ll be a lot more work now because we have to do divisions 2-3 times every week. (closing our area an entire day O_o) but it´s to help the zone grow together. I know it´ll work well :)

Luana (a recent convert) went to the temple :D Super exciting. She´s super awesome :) Man, I was so happy for her :) She absoutley loved it too :) Man, It´s great to see such progress :)

It was so hot the other day taht I got a huge migrane from the sun. Not fun :P hahaha. But oh well.

Hey, how much money do I have in my bank?

I had a drream the other night that on David´s last transfer he came to my mission and was my companion. hahha. I can´t believe that he´ll be going home in the next transfer! That´s crazy. By the way, wheres his emails? Oh my companion will be going in the next one too! Crazy go nuts!!! I think I will stay here in this area for 2 more transfers and then go train in another. That´s what I think though. 

Hey, question, do you guys have pictures of my baptism? Cause I can´t remember mine :P hahah. Just wondering.

So wow! Fiji! Craziness! Can´t believe it. The guy you saw in the photo with me was Elder Diniz. He spent his last transfer with me (my 2nd companion). He´s awesome :)

Well, it sounds like you guys are doing great :) keep doing great then :P hehe. I love you guys!
com amor,

√Člder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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