Monday, November 26, 2012

Great Week!

This week was great! We didn´t end up having any baptisms but it was a very good week. We had our interviews this past week that was awesome! Also the elderes of my district baptized! :D Ah that makes me so happy! :) that´s probably the best thing that happened this week was them baptizing! Woot! We had an awesome expierence too! We were looking for a reference that we had been searching for for a while. But we never found him. We looked and looked many times for the house but never found it. Finally the member (who had also looked for it) found it. We ended up going there with the member. Well, I didn´t, because i had to do an interview but elder caetano and elder passos said that it went really well. Saturday came and we taught them again. And they went to church and they loved it. There are 6 people and man they are so awesome :) I love them so much already. I know that they will be baptized. I just hope they progress well this week.

This week wasn´t super good in the fact that we didn't plan super well. Because of our lack of planning we didn´t have as much success. But now we got this week to do. I´m super excited. We have another family to visit this week that we´ll be helping getting to church. That´s the key is looking for families and not just individuals. 

I got a letter from the family arruda that I bapitzed in Jacareí! Nossa! That was awesome :) Man I really miss them a lot. But I´m so glad that they are firm in the church! :) 

I remembered that thanksgiving was this past week because of the wonderful calander that you gave me :) And because of that calander I noticed that corinnes birthday is coming up! :) Cool!

I really need to send a letter to the Christensens. They really are an awesome family. I love them so much :) It was wonderful to get to know them well before the mission :) Man I´m coming up on the 1 year and 5 mark here soon O_o hahah crazy.

The other day I was actually thinking about my heritage and how blessed I am to have so many people in my family part of the church. It´s awesome :)

Dad before the mission I decided that the hobbit would be the first movie I would see when I get back, that thought hasn´t changed. But guess what else i´ve heard? Star Wars Episode 7 2015 :P haha That´s awesome. Don´t worry i´m focused ;) hahah. 

But anyways, sorry I wrote short the last couple of times, but I´ll get better now :) but I love you guys and love this gospel! I can´t express very well in writing my love for this gospel and for my family and friends :) Tchau!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Another One?


So before I forget again! I met another one of phil´s companion´s the other day! Elder Santos, they were LZ´s together. Both of these companion´s of phil I have pictures in the book phil made for me haha. Legal. Things are going super well in my area! We baptized 4 people this past weekend! Yes! Things are going very well. The area is growing well and the members are helping out a lot.

My district is struggling a bit to have success and I´m trying my best to help them have more. They are great missionaries just getting stuck in their areas. Our zone is going well too.

Interviews will be this week :) Super excited! Congratz to Phil that´s awesome! Hey the other night I tried to naming all my aunts and uncles and cousins and stuff... I did well I think hahah... :P Christmas is coming!

Man, there was such more that happened this week, but I can´t remember. It sounds like you guys are doing well! got to go!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

Monday, November 12, 2012

He lost!

Check out the photos page--Grant actually sent some photos--yeah!


First! Super sad! Dang... Mitt lost! well.. I think i´ll stay here in Brasil for a while then :P hahah just kidding.

Well then! We had a baptism this week! :) Woot! We´re planning on having around 4 this week. I really hope all goes as planned. We got a proclamaction to the missionares for the members. We´ll be sharing it in the next sacrament meeting. It is a way that the members can become aware of our rules and their role within our work. Things are going well. Me and my companion studied about diligence this past week and this week we are really going to be doing everything we can to be more diligent! It´ll be great :) This past week went by super quick. But they always do :P haha. I can´t believe I have 5 more transfers or 8 more months and then I´m home. Thinking about Katie going home makes it seem even way more close! That´s crazy!

It´s crazy to hear who´s getting older and stuff. Man, sorry I really don´t have a whole lot of time this week, next week I´ll definitely have more time, but I´ll look for a razor here, and I´m having awesome expierences it´s hard to think about them all now. Awesome expierences lets continue! Woot! Yeah! Alright, sorry it´s short and whimpy but next week it´ll be man e-mail :P haha. I love you guys! :) And I think you guys are awesome :]  congratz! ;) Tchau! Como está tia Kauren?

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hard week!


What´s up my family?!?! This week was good! We worked super hard. I stayed here in the same area as district leader still! Things are going super well here in our area! So many awesome and crazy expierences this week! It´s been crazy! First, we found an awesome family! So we were doing contacts one day and we did a contact with 2 young guys and marked a day when we could return and teach them and their family! We came back on that day and they weren´t there but their mom was. We talked with their mom and when we explained to her where the church was, she said, oh I thought we couldn´t enter in that church! and then said, I think God sent you guys so I could know this church! :) Best answer ever! :) :) Woot! That was awesome. We came back the other day taught them and there was 8 or so people there. Only 2 ended up going to church but the rest will next time. It was very awesome :)

At church, we were going through the first class and out of no where the president of relief society came up to us and told us that 3 women just turned up and were visiting the church. cool :) always like that! haha. So we asked them if they were visiting with someone and they said no that they were going to universal church when they saw this church and decided to enter! Sweet! They loved church and after church we went and taught them.  2 are twins and the other is a woman that lives in the same apartment area. We taught them the restauration and in the end I give them each a book of mormon and explain about it. Then one of the women says, I´ve read this entire book! Theres a nefi right? Nossa! it was crazy awesome! We found out that 2 of the women were already baptized in the church and now we are helping the third get baptized this saturday and reactivating the other 2 with their family. It was sweet! :) Kind of disappointing because we thought there was more to baptize but really cool how they had be inspired to enter the church and now are returning to church! 

Funny story! Remember that guy who wanted to kill me at church? Well, ever so often I will see him while we are walking. He seems to never remember me haha. So the other day, we went to visit some people that we did contacts with. The girl went to get her mom and we were talking with her sister. We ended up just talking with the two sisters and we had to leave pretty soon to get to our next appointment. But I wanted to invite them to church and everything. So I was inviting them and everything when all of the sudden my companion says, okay well you guys can go tomorrow if you want but we got to go. I thought he was just worried about getting to the next appointment on time. I continued to talk with them, while my companion stepped on my foot, pulled my shirt and finally we left. as we were leaving he said, man, did you not see?! The guy who wanted to kill you was in the house! haha :P So we found out where he lives :) Won´t be going back there :P hahah.

Hey I thought of something else that I could use! I need a new electric razor! Mine is done haha, I need a new one. 

Well, mom think how I feel :P 1 year and 4 months :P haha just kidding. I can´t believe Jonny is going on a mission! When did I get older? How was halloween? I saw a few things halloween related! So no package yet! But I did get letters! Brother minor (like always :)), David, and Hannah! so someone is working hahah. I really don´t know if there is a strike or not. 

Man the presidential election that I finally care about and I can´t vote! I´m so anxious, I want to know super bad the results already and I have to wait! ah! haha. It sounds like you guys are doing great! Me too! We have a new assitant here and we are starting some new programs with divisions and such. It´s great!  I love you guys!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill