Monday, November 19, 2012

Another One?


So before I forget again! I met another one of phil´s companion´s the other day! Elder Santos, they were LZ´s together. Both of these companion´s of phil I have pictures in the book phil made for me haha. Legal. Things are going super well in my area! We baptized 4 people this past weekend! Yes! Things are going very well. The area is growing well and the members are helping out a lot.

My district is struggling a bit to have success and I´m trying my best to help them have more. They are great missionaries just getting stuck in their areas. Our zone is going well too.

Interviews will be this week :) Super excited! Congratz to Phil that´s awesome! Hey the other night I tried to naming all my aunts and uncles and cousins and stuff... I did well I think hahah... :P Christmas is coming!

Man, there was such more that happened this week, but I can´t remember. It sounds like you guys are doing well! got to go!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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