Monday, November 12, 2012

He lost!

Check out the photos page--Grant actually sent some photos--yeah!


First! Super sad! Dang... Mitt lost! well.. I think i´ll stay here in Brasil for a while then :P hahah just kidding.

Well then! We had a baptism this week! :) Woot! We´re planning on having around 4 this week. I really hope all goes as planned. We got a proclamaction to the missionares for the members. We´ll be sharing it in the next sacrament meeting. It is a way that the members can become aware of our rules and their role within our work. Things are going well. Me and my companion studied about diligence this past week and this week we are really going to be doing everything we can to be more diligent! It´ll be great :) This past week went by super quick. But they always do :P haha. I can´t believe I have 5 more transfers or 8 more months and then I´m home. Thinking about Katie going home makes it seem even way more close! That´s crazy!

It´s crazy to hear who´s getting older and stuff. Man, sorry I really don´t have a whole lot of time this week, next week I´ll definitely have more time, but I´ll look for a razor here, and I´m having awesome expierences it´s hard to think about them all now. Awesome expierences lets continue! Woot! Yeah! Alright, sorry it´s short and whimpy but next week it´ll be man e-mail :P haha. I love you guys! :) And I think you guys are awesome :]  congratz! ;) Tchau! Como está tia Kauren?

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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