Monday, December 24, 2012



Well, the time has come!! I can´t wait! I can´t believe that it is already christmas eve! Woot! It will be great to talk with you guys! This week was great! We baptized a couple that was waiting 4 years to get married so that they could get baptized. Ah it was awesome I loved it :)

Well, really short but I´ve got to go! I´ll talk to you guys tomorrow :)

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Praia? Sim :)

Well, I´ve been transfered! Where to? The beach :] São Sebastião! woot! It´s wonderful here. I live right next to an island that we go to sometimes to do divisions or interviews of the elderes there. Oh man, it´s sooooooo pretty so wonderful :) The area is super huge though. It´s the entire city and then some. So it´s definitely going to be different here. We have a couple that will be baptized this week! Woot! So I´m with Elder Olson now. This is his 2nd transfer in the field. So I´m what you would consider his "mom." haha. He´s super awesome. Sings really good and he has turrets. He´s super awesome. 

We´ll have the christmas conference this week. that´ll be super fun! I got a package! kind of.... I have to pay 140 reais to get it (70ish dollars). Hint: Don´t declare the value. But I ate the rolos, and m´ms already. Wow. haha :P Thanks! Thanks for the family info too! that was sweet! Exactly what I was wanting. Though I realized I know more people in my family than I thought :D Though... I don´t know how many people I know of Grant´s children. That was one thing I didn´t recongnize like anyone haha. 

But I´ve got to go. I´ll leave the talking for christmas :P

address: Europa, 130
city: São Sebastião

ps. this saturday i´ll be baptizing in the ocean :]

pps. (or pss?!?) the church is a manson (i´m in a branch too) and is on the beach :P

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

Monday, December 10, 2012



Well, it´s that week again! Transfers week! Tonight I´ll be knowing if I will go or stay. Either way I´ll be excited. Man, we have really been having a lot of success this past 3 months. Thinking back on it, it´s amazing to see how the Lord has blessed us. I think the hardest thing is to remember to keep going strong and remembering the little things. Pride is a very evil tool that Satan uses to try and justify why you should slack off in times of success. We can´t change our rythme. We must keep going strong and keeping the rules and really showing thanks to the Lord. Or we will just fall into the trap that happens so many times in the book or mormon. something that I´m grateful for with all this successs is that almost all the people that we have baptized here are firm! That´s what makes me truely happy :) Dulce and her family are afasted a little. But her son (Anderson) that was involved with drugs is now asking and wanting help so for sure, they are coming back to church. Other than that the rest of the people are firm.

Sadly, Nair (who was baptized last week) has gone back to cigarrettes. So we had to postpone the confirmation and continue to help her. I really hope she will give it her all so that she can be confirmed with the rest of her family and become a member of the church. Her and her family were really elects. Man, I love them so much :) It´s amazing how you grow a love for people so fast! You get to know someone and in 2 weeks they are your family. That´s what makes me not want to leave my areas. Because i have families in each of my areas. I receieved a letter from the family I baptized in jacareí the other day and that was one of the best things ever. I love them so much :)

This week we baptized the other member of Nair´s family that didn´t get baptized because she was afraid and Hirma. The story of Hirma is amazing. When we got here, she was the first baptism we marked! Why did it take so long then? Well, she was getting married on December 8th. So that´s why but her story doesn´t even start with us. It starts 4 years ago!!! She has been going to church for four years and now is getting baptized (because she had to get married). Not only that she wouldn´t miss a sunday. If she did, she called and made sure someone knew why. She´s been paying tithing almost these entire 4 years. It was a very emoctional baptism.

Bascially things are going very well. I read one of the e-mails that Phil sent me and it´s been the topic of my mind these past weeks. Remember the little things and that they are important too. I´ve been really trying to remember that. Because you can get into the life of a missionary and forget to do certain things. But we can´t forget. I decided that I want these last 7 months of my mission to be the absoulte best part of my mission! 

If I stay here I think I know where I would skype you guys. But since I won´t know until tonight lets wait and find out! :)

I will know if I recieved any packages tomorrow! :) and someone told me that there was an envolpe big waiting for me. should be from you guys then! :) woot!

don´t worry mom, I´m definitely Brasilian now ;) Or I like to imagine i am :P I do feel like I´m turning Gaucho (that bascially means the brasilians that live in David´s neighborhood! speaking I had a dream with him the other day) because of one of my room companions. He´s an awesome guy and I´m speaking more and more like him. Because in the south, it has it´s own culture and almost language :P it´s funny but awesome :) Tri awesome :P haha.

Mom, I´ll always be your G man! :P haha. And it´ll be great to see you on the 25th of this month! 

That´s a crazy story dad! I hope he´s all good! but your story, I have to say, while reading I laughed :P I liked how you step it up too. it was dark, there were cars shining their lights in my eyes, I looked at my watch :P haha. It´s like me when I crashed the car: there was ice on the road, there was fog, it was a curve, I looked down for a split second. :P hahaha all to make us feel better ;) just kidding :P haha. But all in all I hope you´re good  because i´ll be running when I get home :P haha. I´ve tried to eat healthy on this mission but man it´s impossible. So let´s try it at home instead. But If I was transfered, that´s one thing I will certainly miss here, the food! The members here make the best food and never forget almoço! :P Ah soo good! :D

But anyways, I´ve got to go! I Love you guys! Until next week!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The water... stopped?


Man, what a crazy week! I can´t believe some of the things that happened this week! I´ve got a story to tell!

So first off, this past week we´ve been working with a family of 6! It´s been an adventure with them. We´ve been helping this family for the past week trying to get ready for baptism and some of the members of the family were having some doubts. So we did everything we could to try and help them out and make sure that they were super ready for baptism. Then came saturday. But first these past 2 weeks people have come and robbed cords from the church that now we don´t have any energy! So there hasn´t been any energy in the church for a while. That´s been fun.. haha, but anyways, so we had the fear that there wouldn´t be any water for the baptism. Well, on saturday we started to fill up the font. And before it even got to the first step, the water stopped. Me and my companion freaked out. haha. We didn´t know what to do. So I started to pray and ask for help to know what to do. Well, it came into my head that I should get some buckets and start filling up the buckets to fill up the font. I started using the faucets to fill up the buckets and then the font. And it was working, but it was taking forever! Eventually it was 5:30 and we had to get to an appointment we had at 6. So we left and went to the appointment. We went back to the church at 7. And we opened the door to the font and low and behold, the font was completely filled! Wow... That was awesome. i really don´t know how but the Lord definitely placed his hand in helping us. In the end 5 out of 6 were baptised.

Man, it was definitely a week full of work. also, a bird pooped on me -_- haha. Whateves.. It sounds like you guys are having lots of fun with christmas time and all! man, it´s crazy that it´s almost 2013. Things are moving super fast! wow... But hey! Next week transfers are coming up! I have a feeling that I will be moved... But let´s wait and see! :)

I live in Mogi das cruzes

street name: Schwartzmann

if you are seeing one of our churches near by (ward: Bras Cubas) you are close! I hope that helps! Well, I´ve got to go once more, alright! Tchau!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill