Monday, December 17, 2012

Praia? Sim :)

Well, I´ve been transfered! Where to? The beach :] São Sebastião! woot! It´s wonderful here. I live right next to an island that we go to sometimes to do divisions or interviews of the elderes there. Oh man, it´s sooooooo pretty so wonderful :) The area is super huge though. It´s the entire city and then some. So it´s definitely going to be different here. We have a couple that will be baptized this week! Woot! So I´m with Elder Olson now. This is his 2nd transfer in the field. So I´m what you would consider his "mom." haha. He´s super awesome. Sings really good and he has turrets. He´s super awesome. 

We´ll have the christmas conference this week. that´ll be super fun! I got a package! kind of.... I have to pay 140 reais to get it (70ish dollars). Hint: Don´t declare the value. But I ate the rolos, and m´ms already. Wow. haha :P Thanks! Thanks for the family info too! that was sweet! Exactly what I was wanting. Though I realized I know more people in my family than I thought :D Though... I don´t know how many people I know of Grant´s children. That was one thing I didn´t recongnize like anyone haha. 

But I´ve got to go. I´ll leave the talking for christmas :P

address: Europa, 130
city: São Sebastião

ps. this saturday i´ll be baptizing in the ocean :]

pps. (or pss?!?) the church is a manson (i´m in a branch too) and is on the beach :P

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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