Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Week


Well what´s up my g-unit parents!?!?! hahaha...

It´s been weird this week. Being the zone leader. I have way more responsabilities now and I guide the meetings now too. But i´ve been loving it. It´s been really good. This week we had a baptism. :) Super good. :) We´ll have another one this week. We are working pretty well here. It´s been raining every day ever. Man, it´s ... fun :P hahah. We are having a good time though. Elder Santos is my companion. Our District/Zone meeting was good too. We have another area in our zone now and I hope that we can really help things go better.

We found a woman who is friends with a member that we will be teaching. She´s super awesome and loves the message we have. The craziest thing of it all is that she has cancer. I hope all goes with her.

A recent convert here is going to the temple this  saturday. Super exciting for her :)

So because the other elderes didn´t pay their bills... for 3 months... we haven´t had energy for a while. Whoa... Not sure when we will get it back :p hahah. Also, our washing machine is broken. FUN! hahah. But whateves só vai. :P We have a consel meeting this friday. That´ll be fun :) 

We had surpries interviews with President this saturday. Friday night at 11 he called us up saying that we would have interviews with him saturday at 11 in the morning. haha. So that was cool :) I learned a lot with him. He told me some interestings stories about some elderes in my zone. It was good. I learned a lot and I know how I can help them better.

Craziness about Johnny! haha. Well, it´s good that we don´t even have bikes then :P hahah. Though we´ve been trying to get some for our areas here in Litoral. Because the areas are huge. 

We had a bbq today. It was super good :] Loved it hahah. Can´t get any better! hehehe.

Thanks for the advice dad :) and I´d like to run in that marathon haha.

Well I´ve got to go.

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

ps. I don´t know if this is sending corretly hope you get it!

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