Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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Hey peeps! the week past by quickly here! wow.. Time surely goes by fast! We´ve been trying to teach edson but he seems to never be in house. I´m not sure what we can do with him. He´s missed the past 3 weeks. These weeks have been hard because we have investigators but they aren´t progressing at all.. It´s hard to find those that will progress. Especially right now it´s been hard because there are soooooooooo many tourists here. SO many. For this city and the island. So we make contacts with a lot of forigenrs. But it´s going well I guess. 

Elder Olson and I both like to write music, with his perfect pitch we make an excelent team :P haha. It´s fun writing music again :)

The weather here has been weird. super super hot and then rains A LOT. haha. it´s weird... but cool! but it has been super hot and i hope I can take more of it :P hahah. just kidding. But things are going well. We´ll be starting a new reading the book of mormon program in the mission. it sounds pretty cool :) 

I really really want to see that movie! AH! Of course I know the musical! haha Who doesn´t :P haha. It looks very very good :) Lucky bums! haha.

It´s crazy to think that johnny and blake will be going on missions soon! that´s crazy awesome :P It´s a great thing a mission :) Biggest life changer ever. Really big eye opener and really has helped me soo much. It´s funny Elder Godoy Talked to us about our presidents and how we learn things from them and how they are actually very similar to what we learned from our parents and when we tell our parents they would say: "I´ve been telling you that you´re whole life!!!! And now that someone else says it, it enters in your head?!" hahaha. But It´s kind of true :P hahaha. The mission is the best thing ever and has really been helping my testimony grow immensly and changed me to be a better person in all aspects...

but got to go! Love :D

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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