Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well that was fun!


Hey what´s up? It was super awesome to be able to speak to you all on christmas :) It was pretty cool. Sorry about skype qualities, I was using an ipad :P hahah. So things on the beach are going well. We´ve been having trouble getting our investigatores to church but this week we are going to be really looking for those that will progress. I love my companion he´s way awesome. Things are looking up here and I´m loving the members here as well.

This week was hard because of christmas and new year but once those get out of the way, things will progress a lot smoother! Tonight I probably won´t be sleeping because of all the fireworks. You guys will have to let me know what you guys did (will do :P) 

So I got flashed by another woman who decided to breast feed during the lesson. Man that happens a lot it seems haha. 

We are teaching this man, Edson, who is getting so close to baptism but he´s just still a little scared. I´m not sure exactly what he needs, but i´ll find out. Things are going well though.

Mom, I remember that story about the boat, it´s funny that it basically happened again :P hahaha. yeah :P I´m craving some Natalee that´s a good place. 

We´ve been working a lot more with recent converts here, but sadly no results. A LOT of recent converts don´t want to come back at all.. It´s pretty sad that there is a lot of that. But we are still working to find some more. There´s a lot of members here just not a lot active ones. 

Well, it seems like you guys are doing awesome! I love you guys!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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