Monday, January 14, 2013



What´s up?!? Well things are great here! This week we will have a baptism for sure :) It´s pretty exciting. His name is Diogo. He´s 10 and is really wanting to be baptised and his dad already authorized it and everything and well His dad will be going to church next week. This week we will be helping a family getting to church to! I really hope they go! They have to! They missed it this week. But we´ll help them. 

This week we taught a drunk man, well the first time we met him he wasn´t drunk at all. But then we went to his house and he was out of there. His mom was there with him and his daughter. Well, that´s not even the cool part though, we were offered mango juice and as we started to drink it well we noticed is was fermented badly. hahah. :P

We were doing contacts one day and talking with these two women. We asked if we could pass by another day. It went like this: "Sim" "Não." Basically one said yes and the other said no at the same time! haha :P We eventually got them both to say yes. So yeah :P

Another time we were teaching, and my companion started to yawn a little and well the lady we were teaching thought that maybe he´s pressure was low. So she checked his pluse and gave him more salt to  eat. It was pretty funny. The whole time I was just cracking up :P haha. It was funny :P

It seems liek you guys are doing well! I love you guys! The picture of the car was awesome :P :P bye!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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