Monday, June 24, 2013

Called to serve....


It´s come! This week I will be home. Tomorrow I will go to São Paulo. Wednesday I will go to the temple and then start my journey home.. It´s weird.. but good!

Well, This week we had an activity on friday. that took TONS of work. We made the relief society room look like an airplane. The bishopric room look like outer darkness and other areas look like kingdoms of glory. It was awesome. The members learned a lot about the plan of salvation. It just was really stressful because we didn´t have a lot of help and it  was a lot of work but we did it. There was a point that i just was doing work haha.

This week i´ve been sick. fun!! but oh well. I´m almost over it. I hope i get over it soon!!! :) 

Well, I´ll take a photo of me on a bike today and well I´m not sure what else to write to be honest.. It´s weird. I´ve been have really weird emotions. Yesterday I watched the training thingy. I was crying throughout that realizing that I won't be a missionary any more. Well, I was called to serve and now my time is up. I love you guys and i´m very excited to see you guys...

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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