Monday, June 10, 2013



Well, this was a crazy hectic week! Tuesday and wednesday i was at Ilha Bela just doing divisons trying to help them out and fix some problems. I think things will go better now. It was great fun but i´m super tired. We have been doing a lot of more activties this week in our area and it´s been super good! :) We have been getting a lot of references and other things. I can ´t wait to just keep going and work hard until the end. We baptized a kid that calls himself Alex this week. And Porto Novo (a area in my zone) baptized 3! This is the best month yet in my zone. I´m happy to leave my zone well off. 

We had zone council that works a little differently now because there are special sister trainers for the sisters. Annoucement is that there are now 6 assistants! 2 that just travel. 2 that train Liders of district and 2 regular ones that help out pres. It´ll be cool but I won´t know hahaha. I´ll be gone. I´ve been feeling tranquil lately about going home. It´ll be weird. as heck. 

I just got a call from a family that i baptized! :D They are going to try and visit me this next week! :D :D :D :D: D: D:: :D ::D  :D: :D I´m super excited! :D woot! This week has been a week of us trying to fix some problems in the zone too. I think things will run a lot smoother now.

This week we plan on having 5 baptisms (in just my area) if all goes well! :) It´s weird to think that here in a little the people I will be taking to church I won´t be here to baptize..

Hey and what about hannah is she not coming down? Well, I just supposed that i would be talking on the 30th haha. I just want to know the topic to prepare :P haha. Craziness that Phil will be someone important soon.. haha just kidding :P hahaha.

Dad you´re a running machine! crazy go nuts! 

Well, it´s been harder and harder to write long letters when I just get anxious hahah. But Just know that I´m working the hardest I can, doing what I can to leave this area better than when I entered. I´m getting close to finishing D&C again and the new testament. I hope i will be able to do it... Lets go!!

com amor,

√Člder Grant Shaw Merrill! yes that´s me!! :D

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