Monday, October 15, 2012


Disclaimer: I used to try to clean up Grant's grammer and spelling, etc. But lately that task can seem daunting--haha! So for now, enjoy the ride! Coleen (Grant's mom)


hey family! man! Things are going so great here :) We had 2 more baptisms this week and I think we will have one more this next week. Man, things are super exciting here. I´m loving this area so much! So sunday I was threaten! :P haha. It was awesome. hehe. This man came to church but no one knew who he was. He went to gospel principles and started talking during the class. He said how he got baptized that day and the professor of the class looked at me and I just nodded my saying giving her a big no haha. But he was a little crazy. He would randomly talk during class and finally he grabbed the professor´s bible and a pen and started writing in it. So I grabbed the book from him and he got super offended saying that if I took something out of his hand again he was hit me in the face. He grabbed his stuff and left saying that he would wait for me to kill me :P haha. So one of the brothers of the ward made sure he left left. And he did :P He was a wacko. I was all excited cause I thought he would be a investigator to be haha :P but what eves hehe.

So Dulce and her family and going great. She is loving the church so much! :) It is great. This week I really am going to try and find another elect family :) We are trying to work really closly with the Lider of mission of ward here so that the bishop and the ward really know what we are doing. We also are doing that same acitvity that I did in my other area here. Pies in the faces of the missionaires. hehe. It´ll be GREAT! woot! I almost baptized a blind lady! She was really wanting to get baptized. But she gave up and she was wanting to be able to see before getting baptized. I almost cured her too. haha. Seriously :P I swear that I felt the spirit really strong to cure her but I got scared. Fear is bad and of satan :P haha. 

I´m speaking like a gaúcho (a person who lives in the south of brasil) now. Because I´m living with one, I´m using all the language from there. It makes me remember David :P haha. How is he? I haven´t recieved any recent e-mail from him. That´s so crazy that Jared is in Russia! Man! That´s crazy-go-nuts! Love that guy. I hope he´s loving the mission as much as I am :) I´ve got to write him! Jonny Lightheart and bybee will be going on missions soon?!?! What the?! What is happening?! I´ve only been out 1 year and 3 months. (david should be making 1 and 6 now right?) 

This past week we had a trainning with president. It really made me want to be a better leader. I´m really trying my best to be! The sisters baptized again this week. But this week I want that every area in my district baptizes! That would be the best :) I´m really trying to apply what I learned in my follow-ups with my elders and sisters. They´re awesome missionaries :) I have this feeling that I will be a lider of zone this next transfer. I also have a feel that the area where I am will be the area of the liders of zone. But lets see. What ever happens, I wish to stay here. I´m really glad that I have familys in each of my areas.

I met a brother from my first area the other day! :) It was so good to see him! Things are going great in my first area. They have a new bishop and lider of mission of ward. Most of the people that I baptized are still going to church and that made me soooo happy :D And someone that I baptized but didn´t get to confirm got confimred :) Man that was one of the best feelings ever :) The other person that didn´t get confiremd moved to vila ré which is a area of the sisters. But I want to go there so bad and find her and confirm (or rebaptize if it passes a year) her. I wrote a letter to a family that I baptized there. They are still firm and I´m so happy about that :)

I can´t believe that I have a year in the field and that Ruby has 1 year! I want to meet her so bad!haha. Sara has 4 months? That´s crazy! There is a brother in the ward here that I just love! He loves mario and video games and legos. It´s like me :D And he´s married so there´s hope for me too! :P hahaha. But He loves to collect legos. He wants to build a lego city.

I hope that I´m a good example in your lessons haha :P Taylor´s engaged?! Crazy! Sweet! That´s awesome! HEY! yeah there is a strike... So no package! I can´t even remember the last time I recieved a letter, then again... Ican´t remember when I sent one :P hahaha. Woops! Alright I´ll repent and write haha. Requests.... Ties? Recipies? garments? names of all the brothers and sisters on both sides of the family and all their sons and grandchildren and stuff :P and umm.... I have no idea... haha food :D umm.... I´ll think more! 

I saw the photos of grandma! Man! That looks like it really hurt! I hope she´s okay! :) I miss her tons! I´m definitely going to visit her a lot when I get back :) By the way dad, I´ve leaned over and asked another american missionary how to say a lot of words. So yes my english is bad haha. I don´t speak it anymore. No reason to. haha :P I love you guys and miss you guys! :) Things are going great here!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill (can I be elder forever :D)

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