Monday, October 22, 2012

Let´s go district!


Hey what´s up guys?!? Well, we had a baptism this week! Woot! And Dulce and her son André were confirmed. And Victor who was baptised last week got confiremd this week! Woot! Things are going well in this area. I met the guy who threatened me again. But he didn´t remember me. haha. I got super sick on thursday. That wasn´t super fun at all. I think I had a fever but I´m not sure. It made it real hard for work and we had to go home early. Man, I don´t like getting sick, then how am I supposed to help people if I can´t even concentrate hahah. But what eves I´m all good now! I did a lot of interviews this past weekend. Man! I love doing interviews! :) It´s one of my favorite things to do! So awesome :) You really grow and learn so much like the person who is preparing to be baptized, it´s awesome.

I was really wanting our entire dirstrcit to baptize this week but it ended up not happening. I really am wanting to be a better disctirct leader  and I really want to apply the things that I'm learning more and more. It´s a fun calling to be a leader and I learn sooooo much. The sisters baptized and we did too but the elders of my district didn´t baptize. The family they were preparing gave up last second. Saddness but there isn´t much to do.

So I have random moments that I just think of random things and random memories and the other day we were walking and I remembered when mom boosted the boat onto the curb and then ran away from the scene :P haha. That was a good time! hahah.

I definitely felt confident about the language the other day. I did a division and while we were doing it we were talking to a woman. I told her that I was American and continued to talk. But she insisted that i wasn´t American. She said there was no way I could talk so good and be American :P hahah. Woot! That happened three times that day So it was cool :)

Oh funny story! When I did get sick, one of the missionaries made some food for me and gave me a cup of the hot chocolate and a sticky note that said: "Relax man, tomorrow is P-day!" in english haha. It´s a funny thing we always say now haha.

How is Grandma doing? And now how is Aunt Karen doing?! man! Let´s stop now :) haha. Man! Next time I wish to go fishing with dad :P Man, I don´t know why but I really really want to go fishing! I can´t believe that Gavin will be that old already! Wow!

Well, I hope you guys are doing GREAT! that´s all :) I love you guys!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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