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Alright! Well I was transfered! Like you guessed :P haha. I´ll get the address for you guys so you guys can see where I live. It´s Jundiapeba in Mogi Das Cruzes! It´s really cool here! It's a different area but I think I´ll really grow to love it. It was really hard for me to leave Jacareí. That place became my second home. Me and some of the members were crying like the whole week :P haha Í really will miss them, but I will visit them all again soon :) also, on october 5 or 6 I think I might have a chance to go back there to do a baptism. There was someone there that I worked with almost the entire time and she never got baptized because of authorization but now she will be able to and she really wanted that I bapitze her so we will see! I also lived with the same missionaries for 5 months. Elder Halls and Elder Squires. Be the way, Elder Squires knew Aunt Susan at the MTC. Cool huh? yeah. it happens haha. But anyways, so basically I miss them like crazy and I miss my old area, but I´m super excited to be here in Jundiapeba! I think it was really good for me to move too. I´m still Lider of district but now I´m over two areas, one of them being sisters. Hey random thing so when we went to templo of Campinas I met the missionaries from that area and they said that their LZ is Elder Williams or Peter Williams. That was cool :P haha. Anyways, Things are going way better now. I´m the oldest in my district.. kind of one sister has the same time as me but she leaves first but sister´s don´t count :P haha. Another sister from my zone is Sister sommers, which she is from David´s group, and she is leaving soon, which means David is getting to one year and 6 months. Wow! we are getting old on the mission :P haha. That´s weird. But anyways, so there is only 3 americans in our zone which means, I speak 0 english now. Ít´s normal but just different cause I lived with americans for so long. I don´t really mind because speaking portuguese is really easy now. In fact I was thought to be a brasilian when I first got here and some rapazes of the ward thought that I was speaking perfectly :D Yay! happiness! progress! wootness! Good :) haha.

Anyways, we found a family here that is inactive and we are trying to reactivate them and we will be bapitzing their son of 10 years too. They didn´t go to church but they will :D. There´s a lot of Ghetto here which makes it hard working at night time because it's complicated. But it does make it easy to baptize. Just you have you to do it in the right way. Sadly, the missionaries that were here before me and my companion were baptizing wrong and lost complete confidence in the bishop to the point he became inactive as a bishop. So when I first got here we were more or less without bishop. But a new bishop has been called and now we have to fix things that were broken here in this area. We are working very close with the leadership here so the confidence in the missionaries is regained. I know we can do it. Did I tell you that I spent the entire day on thursday with the presdiente? haha. I did and with sister. Because I went to the police station to renew my visa and president was there. We talked about basketball, and he talked about how he has built houses for famous basketball players like stockten (spelling?). So THAT`s cool :P Why do I have such awesome presidentes ;) haha. Anyways, after the police station I was in the van going back to the office talking with another elder about nerd stuff :P haha. Like windows 8 our opinions about it, hacking, pokemon, zelda, computers, how I want to do programing, my sudoku program, making websites, making computers, just a bunch of nerd stuff. First off, it was AWESOME, second off, presidente heard, so what did he do? Well, he said this to me: "I heard you are a computer nerd. Do you think you could fix my internet and phone for me?" Sure presidente! haha :P so anyways, I went and lunched with presidente and his wife and then went to their house and fixed his internet. Which was easy because he just forgot to press a button to allow the use of wireless internet. The phone problem was that he was using an internet phone adapter to try calls to the united states for free. The problem though was that the adapter needed to be started in the america first and then brought to here. So what they will have to do is send it there and get it back. But now I know I´m on the presidente´s good side ;) haha. I was scared though because I thought for sure I would get transfered to the office O_o hahaha. :P But luckily no :] did not want to go there. haha. So anyways, that was a fun experience.

I still haven't received your package but I´m sure it´ll get here soon :P Also tell david that I already received his postcard makes time already, but his letter still waiting :P haha. Speaking of letters... I need to respond to a lot still and write. Woops! Times gets by ya :P I´ll make sure to do that. I know I´m really bad at it. But you learn right? So in august we baptized 177 in our mission. That was kind of a bad month especially taking into account that in july we had as a mission 276. I'm not sure how we are doing in september but I´m trying to excite my district to really get them pumped up for october. I want to have 300 baptisms in the mission in october :) That would be cool. It´s already happened in this mission I believe but let´s do it again! Woot! Oh hey I forgot to mencion! This is a long time ago but she is still there! So there is a girl from the ward in Jacareí that is from the one of  best families of Jacareí (they are so awesome love that family) that is in the united states right now. Guess where she is at? Walnut Creek! What the?! Of all the places she is where I was born! haha Awesome. But I think the mom is there now too. The daughter went there for work kind ofish? I'm not sure, but it´s cool! Also one of the sisters´from my zone is from São José dos campos. Which is the city next to Jacareí, where we would go all the time for district meetings. Bascially she is doing a short mission thing. She´s done it before and she´s doing it again. Sister Rabelo is her name. But I know her better as Nicole haha. :P But what eves. Her family is moving to the united states now. She speaks really good english.
Did I tell you that my companion's name is Elder Caetano. He´s an aweomse guy :) my second northeastern brasilian companion and 3rd brasilian. Oh they're awesome :P Northeastern are so funny. When they talk it´s like they are singing. hahah. They have this angry/happy/funny as heck attitude all the time as well. I don´t think I´ve ever seen an northeastern sad.. haha ;P But anyways, I think I´ll leave it like this for now! But things are going great here! Sounds like things are going AWESOME :) Have some chocolate with your fries okay? okay :] love you guys and the world and the squirrels! Alright... that means it´s a time for me to go! Tchau meus amados! :D

Com Amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill! <------ That´s me! :D

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