Monday, September 10, 2012

Coming up on a new transfer!


what´s up my family? So we are coming up pretty soon on another transfer. I´m 95% sure that I will be transfered. It´s a weird feeling that I will leave from here. but I think it´ll be good for me. I´m excited for it! So there are some changes happening now in this mission. Now on mondays at night, we have our meeting of districts now. and each week the leaders of zone will be doing divisions for 2-3 days with different people of the zone. It´ll be very interesting.

So guess what? first off I went to São Paulo this week to do my visa thing, which didn´t work so I get to go again :P haha. And while going there I went a guy who went by the name of: Elder Aguiar! He said: "Hey what´s up man?" and he we started talking and he asked me did you have a brother who served in forteleza? Yeah? What year did you serve? 2008-2010! Then that definitely was my brother why? he was my senior companion! Man I love that guy! You guys are equal! Weird! hahaha. It was sweet :P haha. Thought you would like that. :P

Gavin´s learning well :P haha Love that kid hehe :P Well you asked if any one in particular that we are teaching. We were and then he cut us O_o haha. he destited..... gave up coming to church and on baptism... always sad but do what. We are working with this girl that really REALLY wants to be baptised but... her dad´s isn´t letting it. But now on oct 5 or 6 her mom is coming from the usa to help get baptised. (her mom is member) so I´ll probably miss it, but I´m happy that she will :) My companion has 4 months on the mission. He´s doing super well! He´s a little funny :P but I absoultely love him haha :P Yeah I´m still leader of district. guess what? My zone gets to go to the campinas temple this week :D I´m so excited! :] it´s been a long time since I´ve been to the temple! WOOT!

Anyways gots to go! We´ve got some plans today! :)

Love you guys!

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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