Monday, September 3, 2012

Going well :)

I'm working on getting a translation for the last paragraph! Enjoy--


This week was a very interesting and growing week for me. I learned a lot during this week. I´ve learned so much this past week. We´ve been working hard really to get new people to teach and we are getting more and more. It´s been going well. We have been really trying focusing more on finding. Our chapel here got "moved" as well. Our chapel is getting reformed and so we had to rent a place and use it until the reformation is completed. Which will be here in a year. So bascially that´s fun :P But It´s all good, it´s closer to our house now. That´s always handy! My companion , Elder Wilker, and I are getting along perfectly. He´s so awesome haha. :P I really am hoping to see some progress here soon. I know there will be. but this my chance to learn a lot. so I´m greatful for that. We have soome people that are progressing well. I just hope it continues. :) I know it will.. :)

I´ll be making 7 months in this area now O_o that´s crazy! I´m about 95% sure that I´ll be leaving from here to another area next transfer. haha. Don´t worry mom, I`m happy and all good :) I´m actually really a lot better, interview went really well and helped me a lot so it´s all great :)

I need to still write the christensens again, actually a lot of people haha. :P my bad. I´ll get on that today. So I´m confused dad, you sponsered a race? like how? haha

On the mission, it is such a great time for growth. you gain such a testimony about each and every principle individually. like prayer, repentance, faith, fasting, etc. It´s amazing. I´m been really trying to apply more and more of what I learn in my mission now. It really helps the progress of those that you are teaching. When you see people progress in the gospel, it gives you so much joy that there is n´t enough room to kepp it in. love it!

I feel like I´m getting old! This thursday I get to go to the police station thingy in São Paulo to renew my visa. what?!? That´s crazy! I only have 10 months left! What?! I would rather have another 2 years please... :) but anyways, I Love you guys. It seems like you guys are keeping busy with fam and stuff :P that´s always fun! ;) Tchau!

com grande amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

eu sei que esta igreja é verdadeira. Eu sei que Jesus é O Cristo e meu salvador. Por causa dele, podemos voltar à presença de Deus. Minha alegria vem do progresso dos outros. Às vezes, é difícil pra continuar e ser focalizado, mas mesmo assim, temos que continuar. Talvez seja a coisa mais difícil no mundo, mas temos que mostrar nossa fé pra Deus e só vai! :) As pessoas que eu estou ensinando aqui são as pessoas mais importantes pra mim agora. Isso é algo que aprendi recentemente. O lugar mais importante no mundo é aquele onde você está! É ali que você deve ser útil, prestativo, e amigo, porque este é o seu lugar. A tarefa mais importante no mundo não é aquela que você acha divertida fazer, mas a que precisa ser feita naquele momento. E a criatura mais importante no mundo é aquela que precisa de VOCÊ naquele momento, porque a vontade de ajudar desperta em você o mais belo sentimento que existe: A Solidariedade. As coisas mais importantes no mundo são aquelas que existem agora. Tenham um plano. Tenham uma meta. Focalizem na meta, no plano, mas façam as coisas que são essenciais AGORA, pra que possam progredir AGORA. Não procrastinem o trabalho até amanhã. Façam tudo agora!

It´s so much easier to express myself like that haha. That´s why i write little, because I have to think a lot now to write in english. bye bye!

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