Monday, August 27, 2012

Never know what to put here!


Woot! This week was better! We had a conference with Elder Godoy and with President. It was a needed conference. We learned a whole lot. It was very very good. I am very excited! We learned a lot. I also learned a lot about teaching and how we as missionaries should teach. It´s an essencial tool that we must have. I´m very humbled by the expierence that we passed and I can´t wait to put it in practice. We tried very hard to get some people to the church this week but without results. It´s frustrating when this happens. You want so much that the people progress but when they don´t it just hinders things. We have some families that we are teaching that still haven´t gone to church and still aren´t completing with some other compromissos.... I don´t remember that word. I just would like that they get baptized! That would be awesome :) haha 

We will have interviews with president this week! Woot! :) I always like interviews with president. It´s good stuff. It always helps to have interviews ever so often! It will be a very good expierence.

It´s weird that people still are going to school hahah. When on the mission you just think that the only thing that exists is mission work sometimes. haha. It´s good :) It´s a very weird feeling sometimes, but I love being a missionary. Helping others is just the greatest :P hahahah. I can´t believe that Sara and Whitnie are going already! That´s crazy! 

So Gavin is 3 now?!? What the! When did that happen?!? That´s craziness right there! Man... That little guy is growing up and I´m not even there to watch it all happen! freaky cara!

It picking season so then? Man, even though it was annoying sometimes, I do miss the whole picking pears thing :) That was and is enjoyable! :)

Things are going well here in Jaraceí! We are teaching some people, but we just have little people that we are teaching. We made a goal this week, to have 25 people in our group of teaching. So I really hope we can get that! :)

But it´s time for me to skidaddle! alrighty? Ta bom! Tchau!

I love you guys!

com amor,

√Člder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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