Monday, August 20, 2012

Hard week!


Well another week gone! Weeks don´t even seem to go by it´s just all one big day always haha. It´s just all the same day going by, I just happen to sleep sometimes. hehe. So this was a hard week. We haven´t been having too much success lately in this area, so we decided to change to a different part of the city and try there. Things are going a better, but still we are low on investigators. Makes it difficult. Also my districts baptism fell yesterday! Ah. He was so close to being baptized. He was so ready but decided to back out in the end. But it´s all good. haha.

We have a family we are working with that I hope they can be baptized this week. Please pray for them! :) André and Juilana is their names.

Man, there´s tons of people married or getting married huh? That´s crazy! haha. Man, things like that can´t happen without me being there :P haha. Life isn´t suppose to continue hahah :P

So the folsoms moved out? Well that´s sad! Definitely i´ll miss them. Don´t know what i´ll do now! :P haha. I did get the envelope I loved the pictures :P and the autority line! It was awesome!

You guys are seeing tons of peole that I want to see as well :P what jealously! :P hahah. things are going great here! I´m in love with Jacareí. I don´t want to leave this place. I have been learning sooooooo much in these past couple of weeks and I hope to become a lot better :) Thanks for everything! Lve you guys!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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