Monday, August 6, 2012


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Minha Família! My mission is so weird. It´s very very good, just it´s all WEIRD! haha :P Let me explain. So I have been here in Jacareí since February 28th and it has become my second home. There are so many people here that I can call my second moms and dads and brothers and sisters. On sunday I gave my testimony bascially talking about that and crying how I would miss everyone. Yeah.. I cried haha. But I love everyone here in Jacareí, I was not wanting to leave here at all. It is the most special place I have ever been. I can´t imagine going anywhere else. My mission really feels like to me Mission Jacareí. I don´t know where else I could be. My recent converts are my favorite people in the world. I feel at home at the house of the family Arruda. (the family I baptized here) I want to go to the temple with them muito! (a lot). With all this, I was saying goodbye to everyone, saying my good lucks and getting free food in every place :P hahah. And then today came... The day we learn where we will go or stay. Well, elder squires and elder halls will stay here in the branch for a 4th transfer together (they live in the same house as me and elder squires is the elder that was the compainion of elder schenk) and I´m staying! But elder steele (my son) is going away! And I´m getting another american! WHAT?!?! That´s super crazy!  Man things are crazy now... WEIRD! But I´m very happy :) I´m staying as Leader of District I´m pretty sure as well. :) Man... It´s very weird, but I´m very excited! I hope to make more of a difference here :)

I won´t have a lot of time right now because my companion wants to make some visits. Sorry, I know I just write little :P but!

Oh so i´m sure it looks like lot of activity going on my facebook but it´s not me promise! :P hahaha. But yes those pictures you saw was an activity we did with the jovens (young people? haha) During July we told them that each week they had to bring people to church and each person they brought to church would be a point. And it would be between the girls and boys. Well, girls won  and we had a baptism out of it too, and then we did this activity that had a treasure hunt, one minute to win it games, volley waterball, and things like that and in the very end the girls ended up winning! WOOOOOO! So bascially the prize was you get to throw whipped cream pies in our faces. So they did :P an then they put flour on me, and water :P hahah. Man that was sooooooooooo fun :P I loved that hahah. They are so awesome. Man, the family Arruda was getting super sad cause they totally thought I was going, the dad almost cried. Rafaela (the 11 year old girl) loves the heck out of me and didn´t want me to go and gave me a hug (that was awkward hahah :P). Man, I´m just happy to stay. Well, time for my companion to say bye to some people I love you guys! Sorry I couldn´t respond to the e-mail but I will. Sounds like all is sweet! :P

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