Monday, July 30, 2012

No Subject from Grant--Just a short note!


Hey what´s up! So things are progressing here in Jacareí still! which is always good haha. We meet a girl last week that we thought was a member less active because even the ative member that was bringing her thought that but she actually never was baptized. So so we are working with her. She actually really really wants to be baptized but her family isn´t super keen on the idea of her being "mormon." so we will be spending this week helping her family get to know the church and like the church better. There´s so many people her that are just ready for the gospel I´m so excited to continue and man... I just don´t want to leave from this area! haha. But I´m pretty darn sure I will!

So even though the Olympics are happening, everyone here still is watching the futebol part of it and that´s it. Well, not really but it seems like it haha.

How´s sean doing? It´s so crazy that he is home now! I can´t believe it. Being a missionary is just the best thing ever! I love it so much, and I´m grateful for this oportunity i have to be one.

Man, I need to start writing down the stuff that happens during the week again, I´m forgetting. I need my journal with me haha. But basically all is going great here! :) Love you guys!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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