Monday, July 9, 2012

fast one!

Sorry, I got like no time today! But the family was confirmed and we have 6 people in church. We are working a lot more with the members now. We did a training with them as well and I hope they are getting excited about that. We might do a mini MTC with them too to help them work better with us. The family is so awesome! They are so firme. And If all goes well, that´ll be one of the last things i`ll do in my mission is go to the temple with them :) What a better way to end my mission :) Anyways, we might of found another awesome family :) Things are going great! I loved the story/expierence dad had! We also were fasting and it was a time that I really pushed myself with it too, so my testimony of fasting has grown! 

So when 4th of july passed me and elder squires dedided we wanted to celebrate it. So that day happened to be a huge game day (soccer). like HUGE! Between the corinthians and Boca Junior of argentina. And Corinthians never won against them before. (I understand why the saints is the way to go. much better team :P haha) So anyways, the game started at night and we made a home made flag of america and we made hot dogs. We started singing the national athemn and saluting the flag and holding hot dogs. And as the moment we sang the blowing up in the sky part haha, fireworks just starting bursting in the air like crazy. Not one second went by without fireworks! it was craziness! but awesome! man, LOVED IT! anyways, corinthians won... But it made for an awesome 4th of July :P hahah.
I´m super excited about Jared! He´ll be so aweosme. Now It´ll be two more years before I see him. It was good to see pictures of people. It seems very unreal and weird haha. But Itls coming faster than I know it! I loved the clip of them singing but it didn´t sound like him it was so weird! But he sang super good :) can´t wait to see that chub again! :) my long sheelve shirt is 15! That´s waht I´m wearing today. IT`S COLD! hahah :P 

Still a district leader still in the same area! :) I´m making one year with 2 areas.

Parabens pra você,
Nesta data querida,
Muitas felicidades
Muitos anos da vida!


Gettting old! haha jk jk my popz. I´ve got to go!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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