Monday, July 23, 2012



E aí minha Família! como vocês estão? que bom! Alrighty! this week was very good. I´ve been realizing that I have been receiving so many blessings these past weeks during this transfer. The blessings are amazing. Something that I have really learned about was about the attributes of christ. Really those are the most important part, because it is those attributes that makes the work continue. Because of my hope, diligence, patience, faith, knowledge, etc. results came. Really it is so true. Because of the application of those attributes results came. It is so amazing how God is so merciful. Thinking about the plan of salvation and that really all of his children except for a countable number on your hands will be saved is amazing! In some way or another we will have a level of salvation whether that be telestial terrestre or celestial we will all receive some form or another of happiness! I'm really grateful for this.

This week we were working with 2 rapazes trying to help them get baptized but the mom ended up not authorizing it. Well poop. hahaha. But maybe she will still :) So we are still working with them to get them baptized this next sunday and one more rapaz and a man. Hope all goes well! :) The family we baptized is as firm as possible. Carlos I think is receiving or going to receive priesthood. They are just the best EVER! Love them :) Now I don´t want to leave from here! But I think it would be really good if I were to go to a different place.

So the president is way cool! We did a conference with him and I got to know him. He already knows like every missionary by name it´s pretty crazy. he knew me by name too :P WOOT! And he said I had long hair when I came on my mission :P he didn´t see my hair before... :P hahah. But that is okay! So basically he is very awesome. Things are definitely going to be changing for sure. But it´ll be good!

 About my Patriarchal Blessing... I have a copy! But I just was wanting a copy that I could mark up. But it´s not of grave importance. :) But thanks for the priesthood line of authority! :D Can´t wait to get it! So how are the collins? Doing great? Que bom!

Our next transfer is day 7 of august! I think I will be transfered for sure! The picture I sent you was actually an old picutre of me with Elder Schenk's parents. She kind of gave me a hug, that was weird hahah. President´s name is Presidente Ferrin! He´s super cool!! YAY!

WHAT?!?! Sean Russell is coming home?!? Blasphemy! That went by super quick... now I´m scared... hahah. Did you guys hear about the shooting at the new batman movie? man... sad.

But hey! I was really feeling your guy´s prayers this past week! Thanks super much! :) It was needed! :) But all is going great here! The work is progressing and the elects are popping out from heaven :) I LOVE YOU GUYS! WOOT! :) haha. Be awesome :) thanks :) Tchau!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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