Monday, October 3, 2011

Craziness to the Max!

Other than dog bites & mosquito bites it sounds like Grant is doing great!

Minha Família e Amigos!

So man! What a crazy week! haha. Where to start? hmm... I guess I could start with that I got bit by a dog!! hahah. In a member's home so that was good, but none the less crazy. And it looks exactly like molly (David´s dog) so I always think of David when I see that evil doggy :P haha. But the family is awesome! They are Lucia and Kauê our recent converts. Man it´s weird to type certain things in English now haha. Anyways, so I really wish that I had brought the nifty gaurd rain...umm umbrella! right with me yesterday because we got drenched haha. It was great. My companion sure knows how to keep a good mood going though!! He kept on singing James Taylor while walking haha. So I only saw Sunday Morning session and in English (I was certainly grateful for that because I like to hear their actual voices). We were going to go to Afternoon but our investigators couldn´t make it. The son of one of them starting crying actually when he figured out he couldn´t go. I felt so bad and kind of happy at the same time hahah. Happy because it showed that he really wanted to go! haha. Anyways I also saw bits and parts of the Sunday Morning because the transmission kept on going in and out haha. But what I heard was really good. I love hearing from our Prophet and apostles and other general authorities! It´s the best!

We taught a deaf woman this week! (Eliana) She´s awesome. I really hope that she was able to understand what we were teaching her. We used the gospel art book and a lot of gestures. She can read lips and understand ASL though so that´s definitely helpful! haha. Umm... We found a lot of new people this week. That was really good. A good family or two. They are awesome. But the mom of one of the families is really controlling and that is why the dad coulnd´t go to conference I think. It´s interesting, so we will be working with that this week!

I got your package and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!! :) Thanks so much. Shhh don´t tell my compainions...But I ate all the candy by myself :] hahah. I couldn't  help it. It was too good!!! Loved it. And thanks for the shoes and the pen too!! I actually was quite sad that I didn't bring that pen so now I´m happy! haha.

This week we didn´t have any baptisms but I think it was my favorite so far because I learned so much and I´m way more comforatable with things now. Still working away on that language but it is definitely easier. We had an awesome Zone Conference this week. and we got DVD players haha. That´ll be interesting! We learned so much from our President! He is an awesome guy!!! haha

Oh yeah, another awesome thing (sacarsm :P) I have about a million mosquito bites and my companion has zero. haha. Don´t know how that worked out but it did hahah. So waiting for those to go away haha.

So one of our investigators (Isaías) is thinking about getting baptized in a different church. So we asked him if he followed our counsel about praying about the book of mormon and those things and he still hasn´t done it. We explained to him if he really wants to know if this church is true he has to do that!!! So we are really working hard with him and we fasted for him this past day that he could get an answer. I really hope he prays.. Don´t want to lose him!!!

Hey, What´s the best way to clean ties? Thanks you're the best :) hahah. Oh I can´t wait to know the language so well!!!

I really can´t wait to meet Ruby! I had a dream about Ruby and Gavin last night. haha it was sweeeeeeeeta! hahah. Anyways You´re making me jealous with the BBQ crock pot. Sounds super delicious! :) haha Awesome.

Oh hey did Louie get a call?!?!??! Well if Jordan and or Dallin don´t get their visas I know it´s for them to teach people where ever else they would get sent. But they still have good chances :) btw the cookies were awesome mom :) haha Thanks!

Haha, I love that story about Gavin following the marching music to the tub haha :P That´s so funny. Love it. Man this gospel is awesome and I am so thankful for it. One thing that I have learned for sure is that the gospel is so simple and yet so perfect. We have to follow christ and repent, get baptized, receive the holy ghost and keep having faith, keeping the commandments and repenting. That´s all that we truly need. Everything else is awesome information that helps us grow spiritually and helps us keep that path. I love the gospel and I love you guys!! I hope you are all well.

Com Amor,
Elder Grant Shaw Merrill

Hey, Mom! You know what I can´t wait for? A good mom´s hug :) Thanks for always knowing what to say! I love you and it definitely isn´t easy, but when I´m teaching I´m at my happiest, because I'm only thinking about them. It´s been a hard couple weeks but you and Dad always lift me every week. It's hard being the junior companion because I want to do more but my trainer likes having the control I think so I´m a follower for now. That being said he does do a lot and helps me a lot, but I definitely think we could be doing better! Thanks for always knowing what to say :) I love you guys!

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