Monday, October 10, 2011

What should I put for the Subject?


So craziness!!! haha. Anyways, So we have been working with this rapaz (young man?? basically) (he has 15 years), Isaías and I felt like we were getting somewhere with him. But we visited him again and he hadn´t been keeping our comprimissios what is that called... like promises? Idk anyways. We have asked him to pray about the book of mormon and read certain sections but he hasn´t been doing it haha. And it just gets frustrating because he says he wants to know what church is true and we are giving him options to find out but he doesn't  do it. So we told him that we were giving one last chance because we need to work with those that are progressing, so we said this sunday will you come to church and will you do the things we asked and stuff like that. Well, he ended up not coming to church. So I think we will pass by his house today and say hey, we would love to see you at church and if you do we will continue but we can´t teach you anymore right now. It´s super sad, but you have to let go of those that aren't showing any progress after a couple of lessons especially if they keep going to another church and are not giving this true church a try. haha

But we also had a really good expierence this week! I went on splits with Elder Gariety (he is an elder that lives with us) There are 4 elders (including me) in our apartment. And anyways, while we were on splits we taught Manoel and he has a really strong testimony already in everything that we are teaching. But he has a really hard time giving up Smoking. He says he wants to but he has a hard time. So we gave him the Word of Wisdom lesson and had a really powerful lesson. I felt like he really will try harder this time but of things we told him and yeah. So we made a goal with him to give up 2 cigarrettes a day and we shall see how that is going! :)

So random, but I ate a coconut last p day. Was good! But not super good, the milk is kind of strange. But it´s pretty good.

Anyways!!! Sunday was awesome!! We went to church and we brought with us Caio(The kid who cried when he couldn´t go to General Conference), Gabriel, and Venessa! (Friends of Caio). And they absolutely loved church!! They loved the things they learned about!! We also had 2 people there that were brought by others and that was sweet. We taught one yesterday (Ivanei) and it went super well. He will get baptized I know it! :) haha. It was an awesome lesson and we had two other members there (one being a good friend) and it was really strong spirit there.

We also had a lesson with Marcus and his family (his son being Caio) and that went really well!!! Except for the fact that the mom is not listening. It´s really frustrating when I feel like we explain something really well (like the need of priesthood) and they don´t get it. I know she understood because she responded correctly and followed up about what we just explained, but I think she likes her church a lot. Sometimes I just want to be like: The truth is right in front of you!!! Just look, it makes perfect sense!!! I need to definitely work on paitence with that. But the Dad and the kids really liked it. The Dad is willing to get baptized I believe but the Mom is controlling even over him.. So definitely something we need to work on. haha. It was very good though!!!

We had the confirmation of Maria yesterday too. She is doing soooooo great and I´m so proud of her!!! She has such a strong testimony already and ah I just am happy that she is doing well.

We didn´t have any baptisms this week. But we are getting some good people that are looking to be firm. I hope so!!! Because being in Brasil I guess I had an expectation of baptisms every week, but sometimes bad things happen and sometimes we don´t work hard enough. haha. I finished the book of mormon this past week!!! it wassweet!! hahah. And now I have started over! But in portuguese! haha. It´s fun!!! I actually can understand a lot more than expected. Reading is probably the easiest and the only time i don´t understand something is when there are a bunch of words I don´t know. But usually you can take a very good guess of what the word means by other words and by how it looks because a lot of words are similar looking to words in english. But not all time, just works good sometimes!

So! Mail might possibley be on strike here. That´s what my companion said but not sure! I hope not!!! and If I heard right, did Steve Jobs (apple guy) die? Crazy if true! haha

So about the dog bite. We were in the house of a recent convert and I was showing her the guide to the scriptures to help her study. And out of no where the dog jumps up and latches herself on my hand haha. It didn´t hurt, just surprised the heck out of me hahaha.

My companion is Elder Richins. I have never really pronounced it in english, so it´s weird to hear that way now haha. Yeah From Utah!!!!

About the deaf woman! I forgot to tell you guys that while we were teaching she... started breast-feeding her child hahah. It was...weird hahah. But yeah she can read lips so that´s helpful. But I don´t know if we´ll go back. My companion doesn´t see any potential.. anyways!!

Me personally, I have not baptized anyone. But with me, my companion has baptized 1 and 2 others were baptized by the father of the son (obvious hahah) and the grandma of the son.

How much contact stuff did you send with me? Maybe I lost some or didn´t look in every nook and crany in my luggage because I only have 4 bottles of solution and already went through 2 haha.

Thanks for the info on the ties!! I will definitely check and see what I can do!!

I haven´t had to talk in sacrament meeting yet. One of my biggest difficulties and getting used to how portuguese works. And by that I mean, in english you say something a certain way but in portuguese, that way might not make sense. For example, something that was way easy for me to get but none the less an example: in english: "I am 20 years old" in portuguese "I have 20 years." you don´t say I am 20 you say I have 20 years. So things like that because I want to translate a lot, when in reality i just need to talk in portuguese and not translate. I can follow a person talking now, when talking about religion and sometimes other things. (it really depends on the subject and when I jumped into the conversation) I also have to pay attention really hard sometimes. But if there is more than one person talking  a lot of times, I'm done for hahahah. It´s pretty difficult. But I feel like I am progressing well. I practice the lessons everyday during my study time and practice grammer and all that good stuff. But most important I´m trying to get better at talking with the people. That's so hard to do because you don't want to sound stupid or something but you just have to go for it!!

Single´s ward huh? hahah. Fun :P Let me know what happens!!

And you said something about Mallory getting married But sweet!!! I´ll remember that date!!! Hey when is Grant Collin´s birthday? I can´t remmeber but I know it´s in this month... did it pass? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY... if not that was weird :P hahah.

Have fun at the BYU game!!! and Louie hurry up and get a mission call... hahah :P and How is Jared doing?!? Haven´t heard from him yet!!!

Btw, I want nachos super bad hahah. :P

Anyways, I´m trying my best to be the missionary you think I am because I want  to be that. Even if the missionaries around me aren´t following the rules I do my best to because I want to remember my mission in a positive way. Anyways, I love you guys and think about you often but I am working hard!!! Ciao!!! :)

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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