Monday, October 31, 2011

Another week down!

Oi Minha Família e Amigos!!

So let's start out with a funny story shall we? Let´s go!!! haha. So we just got done getting our haircuts and having lunch right? But on the way to haircuts something funny happened...We were on the bus on the way and one elder gets up and presses the button to say to the bus driver next stop, we want off, so I got ready and when he stopped I got off... but only me haha. The other elders stayed on because he thought we were somewhere else. So, like the movies, I was chasing down the bus hahah. It was only for two or three more stops but I was running to try and catch it. hahah. It was awesome! Really embarassing but the best haha.

Alright! So what´s the name of my blogspot? I want to send it some people. Thanks! I forgot to tell you another story last week! I got kissed! haha. It was really embarassing as well haha. This girl came in while teaching and kissed me as a hello because that´s how they do it here (just the cheek) But I´m pretty sure i turned completely red haha. My companion was laughing at me :P haha. It was funny. I didn´t know what to do hahah. But all´s good now.

So here in São Paulo, you are either soaked by rain or soaked by sweat. I should really say rain and sweat. haha. Let me tell you though I would rather have sweaty clothes than wet clothes. Uh, gross! hahah. Anyways, we had ping pong again this week. And I actually went this time!! We had a really good turn out and we met some new potential pesquisadores (investigators). It was really good. I like doing activities a lot more because it´s a lot less awkward and they are introduced into the church in a non-threatening way. It works really well!!! Did you know that we are prohibited from clapping at doors here? I don´t know if I already said that or not haha.

Oh hey phil! Send me a letter with the recipe of the smoothie with Chocolate and bananas and other awesome recipes that you liked to make here. Have the stuff be in português, that'll be easier!!! (If possible haha) We make pancakes and french toast and stuff like that here. It´s yummy. Lunch here is always the same but SO good! haha. Rice and beans. Salad drenched in vingear (still getting used to that one) with tomates (which you should be proud mom, I´m starting to like them!). Que mais... Strogonof? I have no idea how to spell that one haha. E... other stuff that I think of but I can see it. haha. We also drink tons of soda. That's probably the hardest for me hahaha. Not even joking haha. I´m so not used to drinking soda at all hahah.

Before I forget, keep the general conference magazine! I want to see it when I get back. We recieve them here, but I will want them when I get back, I´ve decided. haha. Also, sometime, could you send pictures of like my instruments and maybe me playing hockey and stuff like that? Awesome! I always try and describe a mandolin to people here, but they never know what I´m talking about hahah. Thanks!

Last email I think I said Jovem when I meant rapazes. Rapaz means young men basically... haha and jovem just means young. Eu sou mais jovem! haha. So my companion said that president of our mission will leave like june or july! how sad! But that´s okay! haha.

So also this week, we were talking to a member and I got this pressure from her that I need to marry logo logo (soon) after the mission. All I was thinking was, umm... I´m on my mission right now, don´t even want to think about that right now! haha. It was funny though. Then my companion joined in too :P haha because he has someone waiting so he thought he could try and help her get me married after my mission. It was weird hahah. I just said, well, right now I'm on my mission, so I don´t even want to worry about that right now :P hahah.

Halloween isn´t celebrated here much. I have seen decorations. But no one goes trick or treating. It´s basically non-exsistent haha. Time is weird. I can´t believe that it is already another week. But days are slow. Well, I should say the hard days are slow, but every day is hard, so yeah days are slow. It seems like though when we have a really successful day then things go by really fast. But the weeks for sure are fast! haha.

For us here, it´s really difficult to use the websites, because not tons of people have computers. But when they do it´s good. And sorry about the contacts :P haha. I don´t know how I have been going through it so quickly! haha. So I´m on my second transfer sim! And with my first companion in the field sim! I´ll try and send a picture every time I get a new companion! haha. My companion´s awesome!!! haha. He´s a great guy. And he plays football, which means he loves being in control hahaha. So basically I follow a lot hahah. But it´s good! :) haha. I am the trainee. haha.

The temple baptistry coordinators! legal!!!! Haha. That sounds awesome! Da Hora! haha. One thing that I surely (surely?! what the heck, who uses that! haha) do miss is gavin and now ruby! haha. But all my family! haha. But I had a dream with gavin and ruby last night haha. I can´t wait to meet her I know she will be the best :) haha.

That´s awesome that you guys are reading the book of mormon together!!! It will amaze you how you can learn even after reading it tons of times. Seriously, always do the things we have been counseled to do. FHE, family prayer, family study. I see here what happens when people do those things and when people don´t. And in my own life now, I have learned more than I ever knew before about so much stuff. But my mission has really been giving me guidance for my life. It´s the best!

Man dad!!! I want to fish now :P haha. Sounds like fun!!! And I can´t wait to see our house and how it will be when I return. Man there´s a lot of times when I start thinking and writing in português haha. So I bet those talks were awesome! Because seriously the atonement is one of most important things we talk about as missionaries. Just think. Without it, there is nothing after this. We cannot progress and no one can live together forever. We have no hope. But because God loves us so much, he did send Christ for us. Something that I always remind my investigators that have a hard time forgiving themselves, is that Christ died for us. Not for himself but for us and for our sins. We have this great gift that we can use to ask for forgiveness. We need to realize that yes, we can be forgiven and yes we can feel joy in our lives. The atonement goes so deep it´s crazy. I hope to understand 1/10 of it someday haha.

Anyways! I loved the pictures! I miss you guys tons! But I am always thinking about you guys and knowing that what I´m doing is right!! I´m helping people here and there is no greater calling. But it´s a calling that everyone always has. It says it all over in the D&C, and The new testament is all about missionaries, but we all need to preach the gospel! It´s our calling. Because of this scripture João...I mean John 3:5. No one can enter the kingdom of God without birth by water and the spirit. (don´t know it in english obviously.. haha) But once we know that, we know that everyone has to have the chance to accept this gospel!!

(Wrote down the scripture dad, I´ll lookk it up!)

Anyways, The work is progressing here. It´s been hard past week or so. But we do have some really great people. Like one lady who just stopped smoking and is able to get baptized this sunday. I´´m very excited! Alrighty!!!! I´ll say Ciao for now! :) Love you all!!!

O Melhor!
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!!!!

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