Monday, November 7, 2011

I concure with David... I don´t know what to put here...


Sup Fam! haha just kidding. Just Brincing!! haha. Brincar (to play) So... Brincing is like just joking just playing. anyways... haha. So!!! I got your letter mom!! THANKS TONS FOR THE PICTURES! :D Foi Otimo! It was awesome! loved it! I now can say this is the husband of jess! And I can show off my new favorite person! Speaking of: Adam should write an email or letter or something too ;) hahah. So man Crazy things happened but I don´t remember all of it.

So I went on divisions with another elder last week in my area, but guess what... He has been here shorter than I have! So it was interesting!! haha. But that being said... I understood everything!!! And I could talk very well! :) The Lord really knows what we need and when we pray in faith and try our hardest we will be blessed for it. I still struggle a lot sometimes, but I really can tell the blessings of the lord in my life. But those blessings don't come free. I have to study everyday more words and study the grammar and really know how to speak. A lot of times the words that I have trouble understanding are because they are being used in a slang way. So I really have to understand that too, but need to be careful that I am still speaking in a good manner. Cara! ;) (Dude)

I have decided that I want to talk to grandma after the mission and hear some stories from her about her family history. This is really hard... I keep on thinking the sentences in portuguese. haha.

The other day we returned back home and noticed a strange smell in our apartment. Turned out that there were people smoking marajuana (How do you spell that?) in our apartment. It was so gross haha. Oh yeah, sunday was really hard because either everyone was at this huge party ( that we accidently ran into ) or (kind of two opposites) church. Haha so we couldn´t encontrar.. find.. sorry haha... anyone. Btw there are churches everywhere here! It´s crazy!! We have one right across the street from us. Usually they are like little garages, but sometimes they almost look like temples. WE also have Jehovah´s (how do you spell that?!) Witnesses here too! We see them preaching sometimes too haha. It´s cool!!

How was the marriage of Mallory´s? That´s so exciting :)  About tracking. So we aren't allowed to clap at doors anymore like randomly. We still clap at doors but we just can´t do it for contacting. Only streets. Mainly because it just does not work at all. haha. But também we work tonsSssssssssss with the members. Referencias from... references... the members is how we work a lot here. And from other people. And just contacting on the streets. It´s hard, but clapping at doors is harder haha.

I do not have a microwave, I surely do want one hahah. But that´s super exciting for Jordan!! :):) AH I´m so excited! btw I will want his address in the field! (Jordan is Grant's friend from here, Jordan DeGraw--his VISA finally came through and he left Provo last week and is now in the Brazil MTC.)

Hmm... So, I´ll try and think of a way to show you where I live! Okay? Tudo bem? hehe. Ótimo!

Can´t wait for the package!! Should be awesome!! :)

So yes dad, Weird Al is awesome I know ;) hahah.  Well I think I need to head out now!! But thanks for everything! :)

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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