Monday, November 28, 2011



What awesomeness is the mission :P It is awesomeness! :) haha. Yes I do haha a lot mom hahah. But oh well, we´re even. :P So this past week, I felt like I had some of my best lessons with people. I taught the lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I just really did well. The reason for that though is because I taught with the spirit. Nothing else matters if you follow the spirit. I also almost brought myself to tears while testifying it was really weird haha. But it´s a lesson that I have learned out here on the mission. This gospel is sooooooooo true and so important. There is nothing more important than this gospel. Without it, I don´t know where I would be. Because it brings so much peace in my life. Like your favorite scripture mom. John 14:26. It´s true. Oh during my personal study this week I was studying Mosiah and man I swear me and David are on the same brain wave hahaha. the discourse of king benjamim is very good! It is very powerful and man, just read mosiah 2-5. It´s awesome!

Here's something that I think we should all do! Help the missionaries :] hahah. But seriously, do it!!! The missionaries neeeeeed your help!!! Without members help, the work moves slowly. I can really testify to that. But also, feed them. I like that one :) hahah. So this past weekend we had stake conference and my president and his wife spoke at it. They are way awesome!! I seriously wish you could meet them!! He knows so much, it just baffles me. I´ve always wanted to use that word. And now I have. Life = complete. BAM!

Everytime I go on divisions (which I don´t know if you knew about my other division with the Asisstante to the presidente) I learn lots. This week I went on a 2 day division with the LZ. He's way awesome and he works really well. He really is a good example to our district.

So, this past P-day I saw monkies! I went to the zoo/park. It was awesome. And I saw anteaters and other animals, man it was cool haha. I definitely need those p days. Because afterwards it is nothing but helping the people here. Don´t get me wrong, I want nothing more than to do that, but you need a break every once in a while. Or else you go crazy!

I can´t believe this but I have gone from 128-132 pounds to 147-150 pounds. HOLY! haha. I guess I eat a little bit.. hahah. But I don´t look any bigger. Luckily I do execersizes (what the?) every morning so that helps haha. But now I´m like normal weight! YAY! hahah.

Not going to lie my heart jumped while reading this past e-mail. haha. I´m just glad that Grandma is okay :) :). I sure do miss her and her humor hahah. She´s so funny it´s awesome :) haha. Man, I´m feeling rather jealous though hahah. Ruby is awesome and I declare that I want to see her :P hahaha. But it will be worth the wait :) Send those pictures! yay!

Man, you guilt tripped me mom haha. I guess I´ll wait hahah. Waited this long, could wait more! I'll be staying (probably) in limoeiro next transfer anyways haha. (He's talking about opening up his Christmas presents!)

That´s cool that you saw Brother and Sister Adams!! Did you tell them hi for me? Sad that his dad died, but I know they are doing well, because of the gospel. If they just stick to the gospel, peace comes in ways you never expected.

By the way, what did you eat for thanksgiving? I had a makeshift apple pie hahah. with bread hahah. Man dad! You are on fire with your races! Just be careful, don´t overdo yourself! Okay? Thanks :) Anyways, I´m going to try and send some pictures for you guys. I love you guys and the work is moving along here. I have 2 (maybe 3 or 4) guaranteed baptisms for Dezembro so I'm pretty excited. Well, I shouldn´t say guaranteed because that means I wouldn´t have to work. But very very likely! It brings me so happy to see the gospel change people's lives. This week was hard sunday because none of our Recent converts were at church, so that´s always hard to see, but this week, we just got to work with them, get them callings, and help them stay firm in the gospel! I love you all!! Miss you! Today will be a fun p day dad :P haha.

Com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

Eu sou muito grato por minha família e todas as bençãos que eu tenho em minha vida!!! :)

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