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I feel like everytime I have less and less to talk about haha. I don´t know why. We are having some good progress with some people here in Limoeiro ward in São Paulo. So I was studying maps this morning of our mission and figuring out some stuff and figured out that we have 11 zones. 4 of them are in São Paulo. The others are in other cities. My Zone is called São Miguel Paulista and my area is called Limoeiro. Honestly the only reason why it is called that is because the ward is called that, but there really isn´t a reason for the ward to be called that it´s funny. Speaking of, we had 124 people in the ward this week. Which is better than last week!! Yay!! Oh so the street that my church is on is Flor de Inverno. So what you want to do is go up that street and follow it till you hit Av. Antônio Louzada Antunes and go left. I live on the corner on Antônio and Av. Mário Alves. There is a bakery right next to my door. I hope that helps!

So we got to go to the temple this past week! It was AWESOME!! I always love going to the temple and I hope I will get other opportunities to go on my mission which means i have to be close. I bought some dvds and other other fun stuff at the temple. AND I ate in the temple. That was weird. But in the bottom part was the cafeteria and I ate there. T´was weird but cool!

I went on another division this week. Once again with the other elder that knows less than me (not his fault, but his visa´s) So I was leading again, which is always weird but I did really good. I made 25 contacts and just felt like I was doing the best I ever have done yet! I even invited a preacher to be baptized. :P We shall see how his prayer went! hahaha.

Also, I learned that you need to always be careful what you say. We talked to some members during lunch like 2 weeks ago and the following sunday we got called into the bishop's office because something that my companion said offended them. He didn´t even mean it in the way they took it, but you just have to be so careful!!!

So last week I tried sending some pictures but I guess they didn´t send. I will try again!!! Which means my other little messages with it too didn´t send so I´ll have to do that. Glad they got my letters! And sorry Aunt Marian! I was responding to letters... hahaha I forgot but next time don´t you worry :P I will write a letter to you AND chip! :P hahaha.

Here in São Paulo they have their "garbage cans" sticking out of their gates so really it wasn't like a garbage can per say but really yeah hahah. Transfers are December 6th!!! And hey do I still need to wait til christmas to open my presents? :P I´m all antsy.. hahah. Hey mom did you know that you started almost all your paragraphs with so. It´s okay I have to think about how to start mine or else I will do that hahah. With the contact solution. So really I had two bottles left when I asked for the solution so I really didn´t go through it ALL when I asked for it :P But I have one of the original´s left now haha. So no worries :P haha.

I loved your Elijah joke dad hahah. I laughed very hard, I think my companion was worried for me :P hahah. I do miss you guys a lot! And I cannot watch Mundo Feliz... Joy to the World... Everytime we do, Eu tenho sauldades de vocês. I miss you guys and Christmas. haha, but it´s okay, because this is the best place to be :) The work is great and I´m working my hardest. It has been the most rewarding thing yet and I can´t wait to see how I will end up in the end :) Thanks for being awesome! :)

Com amor, seu filho, amigo, e irmão,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant sent another quick note:

I forgot to mention also! I went on splits with the assitant to the president this week. He lives about 1-2 hours away to I got to spend the night there!! Even though I only spend one day with him, I learned sooooo much and everything that I need to be doing 10X better!! It was really awesome and so grateful for that experience! Loved it!!

Also, Thanks for the contact solution ;) Btw one more story I forgot to ... umm... Tell! yes! So remember José? The crazy guy?!? So we see him just about every other day. it´s really weird hahaha. But the other day he gave us this piece of paper that he created and it was his "prophecies" hahah. I´m not even kidding, it was alllllllll about how having kids is the worst thing ever and every child born after 4/6/2012 (4th of june) with be born with horns and tails hahah. Yeah... He´s crazy!!! hahah.

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