Monday, November 14, 2011

Crash! But it didn´t hurt!


Man, I need to take better care of myself haha. So I did a very funny thing last p day after sending off e-mails. So we started our way to a place that is like... costco. Where you can just buy tons of stuff. Anyways, so i was talking to one of the elders here and I wasn´t paying too much attention because I was telling a story, so of course i was animating and all, and the next thing I knew I turned around and saw a telephone ... booth... not really a booth, it´s called big ear here haha, anyways!! So I saw the telephone booth and with ninja skills! I dodged it :P But then I ended splitting my chin open on a trash ... box... that sticks out of the gates on doors hahaha. Lots of blood and I didn´t have to go to the "costco!" Yay! hahah. I have pictures no worries. It didn´t hurt though so that´s good. I didn´t even think it was that bad until I saw it. My companion thought I would have to get stitches, but I didn´t even want to and really I didn´t need them! :) haha. It was funny.

So I got your package! I actually got it the next day after the last p-day because we had interviews with the president! It had been there since the 4th.. So if you sent it on the 31st, then... it took not even a week to get here! Don't know how! Crazy fast! haha. So I haven´t opened the presents yet, but I already know what they are because it says on the front of the package.. haha sorry :P But I´ll wait still! :)

Yesterday (Sunday), was my four months!! Holy Molly! Time passes fast! Craziness!! AH! Pretty soon it will be 6 months and that is 1/4 of my mission! That´s crazy!!!!

We had a really good lesson yesterday I really enjoyed it. We were talking about the book of mormon, prayer, and familias eternal and it just was really awesome. I bore my testimony about families eternal, talking about how I never really knew my grandpas and how I am really excited to meet them someday, just the spirit was so strong. I really hope he was listening to the spirit too!

This past week, we´ve lost lots of people but at the same time, always are gaining. The hardest lesson is always... the 2nd one. Because the first one they usually don´t speak their mind cause they don´t want to offend or something but the second lesson they usually do. So you always have to make sure your first one is really good and then answer any doubts!!! But anyways, things are going good!

Something I was thinking about was trying to say"We get to do it". Like Brother Morgan always did. But you can´t really, but you can say "We have the privilege of doing it" or something like that. I´ll try and figure out the perfect way of saying it hahah.

Tyler Russell got married? To whom? haha. That´s awesome about Brother Bennion haha, I can see him doing that :P nice :P. Yes! I remember The Nielsens! No way I could forget!! :) I miss her!!! I want to see them again!!! :)

Yeah, I didn´t send them super fast because I had to finish some other letters too hahah. It was really good to hear from Phil too!!

This week was kind of hard, because it´s really hard to find our investigators lately, not sure why!! haha. That´s what is really hard here, is that everyone works, A LOT! Like they literally work from 6 in the morning till 9 at night. That makes it difficult hahaha. But I´m doing my best!!!

I definitely miss you guys lots but this is really where I love to be!! I haven´t spoken in church yet but who knows maybe I will! haha. It´s been hard lately but I really want to help the people here!!! This past week we only have 110 people in our ward. Our goal is 170. But there are 569 members that should be going.. Yeah that was crazy to hear, but it makes me want to work harder!!! :)

Anyways I love you guys so much, and I can´t wait to see you guys again, but first I need to work my heart out here and give the people here my all!!!

Love always,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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