Monday, December 5, 2011

December?! How?


que estranho! Já dezembro! Man! It´s so strange that it´s december already! Weird!! So transfers are tomorrow! And the changes are that I will be staying and that elder richins will be leaving. He has been here for... 5 months and I only have 3 months here I think. I think yes. Anyways, it´s realllllllly weird and I really am going to miss him if he does end up leaving (we find out tonight!) I don´t really know what to think of it. But it´s also really good. Good for me to get used to all sorts of people. He really thinks I know my purpose as a missionary and he really thinks that I´m progressing really fast. So that´s good :)

Yesterday was crazy. The championship for soccer here was yesterday and it was wild. I don´t think I can describe it best of what happens. But on a normal game, people will light fireworks off when their team scores a goal. So that´s a normal sound throughout the day. But the game yesterday was between Corintians and the Palmeiras. Two huge teams here in São Paulo. And Corintians won. And this entire area is Corintians. Bascially when they won, there were cars driving super fast constantly honking their horns, fireworks going off every 2 seconds, people running in the streets with Corinitian flags, Winning music playing in every car. (or funk). and just people going crazy. Bascially we had to be in our house at 7 yesterday because of the game. If Corinitians didn´t win, I don´t want to know what would have happened hahaha.

Anyways! Scripture humor: Hebrews 12:8. I´m amused too easily! hahah. So I have almost 5 months on the mission! Isn´t that really weird to think about? I think so! It´s really really strange. hahah. Hey did you get all the pictures? and the zoo ones too? So November was a hard month. We only had one baptism and our goal was 6. But December (even though one week past and one sunday is natal, christmas) will be really really good. Next week, we have a guaranteed baptism. She bascially asked to be baptized. Her mom will be baptized too, but first she has to quit smoking and she is making lots of progress!!! It´s amazing how much the lord works in people´s lives. Like Wilkennia! She had a smoking problem that she never could overcome. But all the sudden we showed up, taught her, and asked her to quit. And she did it in like 4-5 days! The Lord really works with people. This week, we will probably have another baptism, we are going to be visiting her tomorrow or today not sure, and we will commit her to this sunday. She wanted to receive a response, but I think she did this past domingo...Sunday! sorry forgot the word... We are also working with a family that we have been working with for a while. I don´t know what they need at this time... And I don´t want to cut them, because I know they want to be baptized, we just have to show them the necessity of being baptized sooner than later. Anyways, December will be a really good month :)

I´m jealous of the train! And hey if I say something here that would make no sense to other people reading this because I´m responding to your email, probably should clear that up haha. Anyways, the train! You should put it up when I get home too! That would be sweet! :) Thanks :P Jonathan Hokanson is going too?!?! Carumba!! Todo mundo vai estar aqui!! Everyone will be here! So! We still don´t know how Christmas will work exactly... Because, there is a CHANCE (remember CHANCE) that we could skype haha. But right now CHANCE hahah. So don´t count on it for sure! Also, I will go to a house of member´s and call from there. But I really don´t know more than that haha. I´ll try and figure out more sorry!!!

Man! I´m spoiled rotton! Another package :D yay! Oh so I wrote you guys a letter last week, but I didn´t have any money on me, but I will do it this week or next. (Because of transfers I don´t know if i can send it off tomorrow).

Taylor´s coming home?!?!? man I´m worried. Worried because I don´t want my mission to pass that fast hahaha. That´s seriously so crazy!!! Man! So I have a big suggestion!! While reading, have 4 colors! One color for names or referencias to cristo. ..Christ... haha. One for doctrines/principles of Christ. Another for attributes of Christ and another for when christ is talking. You could do it in like a book of mormon azul...gosh But I´ve only done the first two chapters and I have learned way more than ever!!! It´s amazing!!! I really suggest doing it. And remember, that the only time it refers to God and not Christ is when God is testifying about Christ. Most of the time, Christ reveals things to the prophets and speaks for the Father. There´s a doctrine and covenents section that explains this well, but I can´t remember it right now. But Anyways yeah!!

So yes! That is where I live dad! :) Glad you found me :) hahah. That backery, (weird to call it that), is where we eat breakfast a lot haha. I´ll watch the first presidency message next week, I don´t have time now. I need to condense my writing! hahaha. But anyways, I had a message I wanted to share, na verdade... actually, I almost always have a message to share, but I never have enough time to give it justice. But just know it was about the sacrament and just some insights more about it that I will share next week! (if i have time! haha)

Anyways, funny story really quickly. I was learning some words this morning and I read mascara (in english). Now i know what that is, but I had no idea what I was reading. I asked a missionary in my apartment and he took a moment and then said it. I then soon realized I was saying mascara like I should in portuguese and not in english. (ex: the car part like... car and the mas ... like mas in portuguese hahaha..) it was funny. Anyways got to go!!! I love you all :)

Com Amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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