Monday, December 26, 2011

Great to talk to you guys!

Well, I can´t believe that Christmas finally came and went!! It seems really weird because I was waiting for that day and now it came and went. :) But it was really good. The almoço (lunch) was good and the dinner was really good. And oh yeah, skyping was awesome too :P hahah. Man, it was really really weird talking in English like that. It was kind of strange haha. oh btw hahahahahahah. Just thought I would throw some more "haha´s" in there :P (here I wrote haha but I decided to erase it)
Did you say hi for me to the Eagars and Folsoms? I hope so :) haha. Oh yeah, What are the years that phil went on his mission? I forgot. Thanks :) Also, I will be including a photo of Sister Bailey. So she really is my second cousin? is it? I already forgot. Oh hey! We got announcements that if we keep our apartments clean, we will recieve microwaves!! So you could send microwave stuff soon :) (well by soon i mean the next package I don´t know when that will be) but I´ll let you know for sure if and when we receive them! So another thing that I would like to receive in packages I just thought of is deodorant. The deodorant here is just not as good, I´ll use it, no worries there, but it´s just not as good.
It was really cool to speak portuguese with phil! It was just pure awesome :) And when I get off my mission we can just do it all the time :) yay! haha. Oh yeah, also, can you keep the general conferences ensigns, I´m reading them here, but I would also like them to have at home! Thanks :)
So I already told you guys the fire story, but I´ll re-tell it for everyone else. So, I woke up one morning and did all my morning stuff up till I had to take a shower right? I went in and started the shower and put shampoo in my hair and all that. But while I was scrubbing out the shampoo from my hair, I noticed that the whole room turned green and blue and there was an electrical sound of some sort going off. I look up and lo and behold there is a fire above my head and the shower head. So... I start screaming like a little girl and trying to grab my towel and open the door and sparks fly down and then I turn off the water. Fire is gone and the sparks are gone and I´m out of the bathroom in my towel with all the other elderes looking at me with shocked faces. By the way, shampoo was still in my hair, so i had to reenter the shower hahahaha. There ´s my interesting story for the week! hahaha.
Oh Grandma is always thinking of others. I love getting the annual 25 dollars from her :) It´s awesome! :) Tell her thanks and I´ll will too :)
Like you said mom, two years isn´t long at all, i´m about to make 6 months and then i become a "sister missionary" as we call it hahah. I hope you understand why. But these have been some of the most growing 6 months of my life and made me truly realize what is important in my life.
I got Jordan Degraw's address! The person I saw is Elder Adams (I´m about 80-90 percent sure his name is Jeff), but it was really cool :) I´m sure she knows who it is because he was at their house a lot! So what are you guys and the phil and Corinne going to be doing? Hey, btw dad I´m jealous of the rise of the planet of the apes, I´ll to watch that. But i already decided my first movie hahahah. Decided before I even left on my mission: The Hobbit! hahah.
Anyways it was really really good to be talking with you guys, especially through skype it was a really good expierence and now I´ll be working my heart out knowing that you guys still remember who I am ;) hahahah. just kidding. Anyways, I can´t believe I still had lots to say, but I shall end it now and continue next week! Have a happy new years and remember who you are :P haha. Love you guys!
Com Amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill 

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