Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year! Que guerra!


What´s up my family? What a week! These past two weeks are probably some of the hardest. No one really wants to hear you message because it´s christmas time and new years so everyone is just stuck in their house or partying it up. So that does make it hard. But we did have a baptism this week! Sônia was baptized! I´m really grateful for that and I really hope she starts using the gospel in her family to help her family and bless it! Something random but I learn a lot is how not to be a dad. Sadly but true, I have learned how I don´t want to be a dad. It´s just interesting what some people think it is right haha. Random thought :P haha.

So new years eve night... I did not sleep one bit! I tried, but let me tell ya, the people don´t let anyone sleep haha. Fogos, fireworks, are going off almost every second non-stop and it´s so colorful I love it, but so loud :P. It was like a war! It was so cool! Loved it.. But it really was like a war, just shots going off every second non-stop. This happened with christmas too, but this was way worse haha.

I got the letter of Jessica! well.. not letter hahahaha. but picture ;) hahah. It was sweet :P Thanks Jess!

So Jared is an elder now?!?! Awesome :) When will he put in his papers? He should leave like... now :) thanks :) haha. Man Si Casa Flores (first off, should be Sim :P if it was in portuguese and Casa de Flores) anyways, that sounds really good. :) ..jealous.. BUT do you guys get to buy a pineapple from brasil and make juice out of it?!?! Yeah... I do love the juice her :)

How was Jacksonville? Was good? And sherlock hOLMES qual?...which...? Kyra will be bapitzed?! Man! That´s awesome :) haha. Tell her that I wish I was there to support her! :) But I´m there in spirit :) thanks haha. Man I´m missing all the good talks huh? hahah. Pojo is back too?! Man... The time is here is going to go by too quickly for my likings. I´m liking it here too much :P haha.

Say hi to phil and corinne for me before they skidadle (Just used that word!! :P) i feel umm... falta... of them.. gosh sorry, how do you say that.. i MISS them, remembered! yes :) Can´t wait to receive the letter from you guys!

Did you get the photos by the way? I never know.. haha. I had something else to say but I don´t remember it.. But hey, this next week will be good. I´m workin hard, trying to improve myself as much as possible. Somedays, it is super hard to even just lift myself out of bed. But other days, I can't stop moving. I just know I need to be consistante and "hard all the way" (thanks phil ;)) haha. Christmas and New Years passed well and now is the new year, new focus for us missionaries in são paulo (which this is year is be preach my gospel missionaries), and a new start! Also, my portuguese is getting better! I can really start to tell more and more. But I need to study more and more every day. That is something I can´t stop is studying the language. Anyways, don´t have a lot to say haha. But I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH TOO! hahaha. Beat that! anyways, Thanks for being awesome! T´chau!

do melhor filho, amgio, e irmão:
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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