Monday, January 23, 2012

Elder Neil L. Anderson

So this is a very VERY exciting week!! We are getting a visit from the Apostle Elder Neil L. Anderson! This thursday! Ah, it´s super super exciting! I don´t know what I will do! I´m pretty darn excited. That´s all I know! haha. This past week was transfers and I stayed! :) Excited for that! My new companion is american and his name is elder Hedrick. He´s way awesome! He´s a lot like me so we get along perfectly. He´s a really great missionary and already taught me a lot. He has 1 year and 4 months on the mission so he will be going home in like september I think. But he´s way awesome and i´m really excited to start working hard with him.
This past week we have been reinventing our area. We have been trying to make as many contacts as possible and talk with as many people as possible! I´m very tired now but it´s very rewarding. Busy busy busy. But we had 5 people at church yesterday and 2 of them are marked for this up coming week! We are working with a family that is really cool. They are really chill and like us a lot. But that´s also a problem. It´s really easy for people to have testimonies of you but of the church is harder. So we need to make sure that when we teach we are teaching by the spirit and to show them the truth and not to have them like us. There´s a fine line but we are doing really good :)
Elder Diniz (my last companion) funny story! He left us a present... But not one we wanted. So the monday before he left for home he decided to get really sick hahaha. And so we went and ate bbq and went back home. He went and layed down complaining about his stomach. We had to go get our hair cut but we had to wait for him first. Then out of no where we see him running into the bathroom and vomits right where we take showers. He sounded like some sort of dying animal hahahah. It was pretty gross. But anyways I didn´t even want to look, we went to the hair cut place. He threw up 2 times there. One of the times, didn´t quite make it to the bathroom all the way hahaha. So anyways we went back home and the vomit didn´t go down the drain! It stayed and smelled horrid!! The next day came and i didn´t take a shower and we switched companions. After me and elder hedrick took our squeegee (how do you spell) and shoved it down the drain. Finally, it started to drain a little bit but the smell didn´t leave until 2 days ago hahahah. Moral of the story, if you feel sick don´t eat bbq and leave a chunky present in the bathroom :p hahaha. But I think he was really really nervous to return home.
Oh hey! I heard Mitt Romney is doing really really good. How good is he doing? And I heard about a cruise in rome. What happened? Also, a cool present would be tom´s toothpaste, I like it a lot :p yeah I buy toothpaste here, but tom´s toothpaste is so much more awesome :P hahah. Anyways...
So I´m glad you guys liked hawaii, it is pretty awesome :P Oh before I forget, watch 17 miracles. It´s awesome! :) anyways. Sounds like you guys had a really really good time :) From the minors I received snacks from harry and david SO GOOD! THANKS! :) And I got the hymn book from hannah! :)
Here it rains just about everyday right now and also thunderstorms everyday. With that being said, it´s hot. hahaha. It´s hot even when it rains haha. But that´s okay :) Anyways, got to go soon, today isn´t p day because we are having an apostle coming! Eu estou mutio animado e eu sei que vou aprender bastante. Nós temos uma grande opportunidade aqui e vou aplicar todas as coisas que eu aprendo! I love you guys so much! Tchau!

(Translation by Phil of the last 2 lines:  I'm really excited & I know I will learn a lot. We have a great opportunity here and I will apply all the things that I learn.)

Com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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