Saturday, January 21, 2012

transfers! 6 months!

So I didn't get this posted earlier in the week. This is Grant's January 16th e-mail--enjoy.

Tomorrow is transfers!! Exciting! I´m about 90 percent sure I will stay here in limoiero because my companion is going home! :) Let me tell ya, he is darn excited! :P haha. I will miss him though, he´s a pretty awesome guy and good missionary. What I´m wondering is if i will be companions with a leader of district again or not! haha. Since the beginning I have been and so it´s all i know! haha. So I´ll let you know if i stay, go, become senior or what! alright? alright!
Funny story but not super funny. Just was funny to me haha. We were walking here and i started cracking up like crazy and my companion thought I was crazy haha. But it was because I started remembering the time when adam forgot about jessica in the snow (or something like that) and when he picked her up finally, he threw a snowball at her and it hit her in the back of the head or something like that. Anyways, so I just started cracking up because of that haha.
We went to the temple again! Man, I´m really grateful for this opportunity I have to go to the temple so often it´s good. :) I bought some more stuff that I´m excited to show you guys! haha. I also understood everything that was said in the temple. That made me feel like I´m progressing! haha.
Oh hey dad! Want to know something that should make you feel good? Almost everytime people see your photo people think you are my "25 year old brother" hahaha, and they are surprised to hear what your age is! haha. hey phil left for his mission in ´07 right? anyways, want to know what they think about jessica? Usually: girlfriend hahaha and that gavin is my child haha, but other times they can imediately tell that she is my sister because of the smiles haha. people say that I am a male version of jess.... well, that is good because i have a goodly looking sister but that´s weird hahahah.
the end of transfers are always really slow here. But this week we have some good possibilites. I will be redoing our map soon (as soon as our secretary comes back...) and I will be really working with the membros menos ativos... less active memebers this week! I´m exctied to be working with my new comp, and with this I really hope I will stay, but I´m pretty darn sure I will!
So How's hawaii?!?! so jealous! haha. I bet it´s awesome! so what will you do with me when I get back?!? well... I guess i am in brasil now, so that is pretty awesome too ;) hahah. I got really confused when you wrote 40 degrees in medford, because here, that is EXTREMELY hot hahah. I forgot you are referring to faranheit haha. but the weather here is crazy. first off, yeah it´s always hot, but that doesn´t mean anything for rain haha. it rains just about everyday here and we have been having thunderstorms like crazy here too! I like it though :) Just not the rain hahaha.
The letter with hearts on it was for someone else, the secretario of the mission mistook my name for someone else hahaha :P haha. And I received a small package from the minors and hannah! Thanks :) :) It was sweet! But I always finish off the food too fast... hahaha.
Mom... José is crazy. hahaha. Last time I saw him, he had a gun on him hahahah. Man he´s a funny guy and crazy haha. But everytime I try and show him why it´s okay to have children. I just wonder how his wife is doing! haha. And aunt marian! I use an internet café! Lan house as it is called here. Hey ask phil if he knows a sister moreira! That´s the name of my presidente but also of a sister that served a mission around the same time phil did! So ask him :) haha.
Hey I used the credit card! Sorry! but this past week, i had like no money at all. So just letting you know! Used it twice actually O_o haha.
So you guys went to bubba gump shrimp huh? how was it? jealous de novo! jealous again! haha. but that´s okay :) I eat foreign food everyday ;) hahaha. Even if it is the same thing :P hahah. Anyways I´m excited to know who my companion is later tonight! :) I love reading your emails every week! It gives me great strength. And I always try and keep in mind, is this what mom would expect of me? Helps me do my best! :) I know I´m where I should be and I'm grateful for all the experiences I´m having!
I now want to see President and sister swenson (david´s mission president)! He said they look like you guys mom and dad :P must be good looking hahah. Anyways, until next week! Btw (made 6 months this week! :D)
com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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