Monday, January 9, 2012

Working away..!

I am including the first paragraph of my letter to Grant--it will help explain his comment about Costco in his letter--Coleen

First I want to tell you about my experience at Costco yesterday that had me thinking about you--I had to go to Costco to pick up my new glasses. Well, when I got there it was crazy busy--like the week before Christmas type busy. Parking was a nightmare. I eventually found a spot way far away, but as I pulled into the spot there were 2 shopping carts blocking the spot. I was less than happy. I hopped out of the car and moved the carts (grumbling a little under my breath) and then hopped back in the car and parked. As I was walking through the parking lot to Costco, I thought--"Grant would not have been happy to see those carts. He would never do that or let me do that. I am glad for that." Okay, so maybe my story isn't as good as the stories you share, but it made me think about you and smile.

Man what a week... Let me tell ya, I do not like the holidays to work here. No one really wants to hear ya haha. That being said, all of our investigators that I thought were good, all fell through or we had to cut them. Times are sometimes difficult, but I know that there will be results as long as I am doing my best and giving my all.
The smoothies by the way were really really good! Thanks! I could use like 20 more! haha. And it worked to freeze the bananas, I just didn´t have a ice maker at the time and I need to buy one still.
So mom, I loved the costco experience! haha It was great! Glad you are following my counsel! hahaha! Tem que seguir meu conselho! I´ll be sending the christensens a letter soon so no worries! Hey do I have grandma´s address? I don´t know. Hey also I had something that I would like to receive in a package...but right now I can´t remember what it is!
I´ll try and send the pictures again, I´m using interenet explorer this time and not firefox like usual so maybe it will give! don´t know though. By the way, I had a weird expeirence. There was one day this week that nothing was going right (well..more than one, but not the point :P) and we were both super tired and everything and we ran into this guy who started talking english to me. Well this happens a lot actually but usually people just ask "What´s my name?" and no I didn´t error they truely ask "my" name and not "your" hahaha. I dón´t know why but it´s funny :P anyways, so I started talking to him..but in português because we aren´t allowed to speak english on the streets, but I was so tired and fed up with that day that when he asked me to talk with him in english.. I tried. But I honestly couldn´t remember how to say certain things or like that manner in which you say it. it was really weird! haha
We have a new rule now that we can´t drink coke! I´m kind of excited about that... because now I have a reason to deny coke! :] yay! hahaha.
Like I said, this week was really hard, especially because my companion will be leaving next tuesday for home, it makes it even harder to work full force!! But also because nothing was seeming to go right. But this next week I´m going to be redoing our map here with new lists of members and all of that and I will be working a lot with the members less actives here! they really are a big help actually. Well the ones that like the church and want to return, they help a lot, because they are friends with non-members! It makes it easier!
Oh I think I meant tchau. I´m pretty darn sure it´s tchau, but in all honesty I´ve never had the opportunity to spell it out hahah. Kind of sad huh? hahah. but yeah good-bye!
WHAT?!?! You´re going to hawaii?!? Carumba! E agora? O que eu vou fazer? Droga. hahahaha. Alrighty you guys can go! but you owe me ;) hahaha. Something, I don´t know what! haha.
So I´m glad dad´s missing me too ;) hahah. btw where did dad´s inserts go? haha just kidding :P Hey also dad in 2013 I will be running with you! okay? You know what I´m excited for?  21 of december 2012! I have been waiting for this day forever! Hey I ran into crazy José this week too, he went to church again hahaha. He wanted to show me revelation 14:4. I said okay... and showed him the verse in genesis that says fruticai...and multiplicai.. .I forgot how it goes in english. Man! haha. but anyways it was fun. Sorry there wasn´t a lot that happened this week, was kind of a slow week, but tomorrow will have a training meeting that will be really good! btw the way, I think i received a package and an elder said that I received some letters, one with random hearts on it and from new hampshire. What?!?! But alright sweet! I love getting letters with hearts on it!! hahahaha. and did hannah send a package?
Once again sorry there isn´t a whole lot to talk about this week, but there will be more next week promise!! Anyways, Love you family! I´m trying to make you proud :) and ...have fun in hawaii... hahahaha. e continua a ler as escrituras, especialmente o livro de mórmon! :) até mais!
com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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