Monday, December 19, 2011

One more week?!


Okay I swear I´m not trunkie but I´m just really excited to be talking to you guys in just one week! haha. But, I don´t want to leave, I´m loving it too much :P hahaha. Sorry ;)

So this week was a hard week! We have been cutting people left and right and trying to find new people. But let me tell you, it is not easy. haha. Not an easy task at all! haha. But that being said we are moving along. We are working with a family that is progressing really well. In fact the two sons will be baptised this sunday! Christmas :) And the mom too, if she progresses with stop to smoke! haha.

Last p day, we ate churrasco! BBQ! It was so good :) loved it! Just thought I would let you know. I write down all the stuff I want to say to you guys and that was one of them... but I don´t remember the significance why... hahah.

My new companion is Elder Diniz and he is just awesome, our personalities mesh really well and he is a really hard worker! :) This is actually his last transfer so I might stay here another transfer! Who knows! it´s crazy! haha. But really I don´t really want to leave this area too much, I´m loving the people here and it will be hard to leave once I have to! Can you believe that I have 5 months on the mission? It´s crazy!! haha.

So this...Quarta-feira...I honestly can´t remember what it´s called in english right now......... wait......Wednesday! Gosh.. that was sad. Anyways hahah. This wednesday we have a conference with allll the missionaries in our mission. That´s like 189 missionaries. a lot haha. But I will be able to receive your packotes and stuff there! :) So just wondering, are you guys going to open up presents only with each other?

Alright, thanks for the skype info!!! We will be skyping around 5 pm sao paulo time. if it isn´t working i will be calling around that time too. just keep skype open all day and close :P haha. So 5pm like 10 or 11? I´m not sure but I think 11. just be prepared at any time in the morning, okay? haha. I´m glad about the conference calling thing. I´m sure it will work perfectly. I mean i do have the lord on my side. hahahah. just kidding :P but I had too. haha. so eldergman.merril got it!

Anyways, Josh Tanner is going to Russia?!?! Crazy! hahah. That´s awesome! haha. How´s he and taylor? And Jared! that bum :P Ainda eu não recebi uma carta dele. Still, I haven´t recieved a letter from him. haha. But good, he best write me ;) hahah. Tell me where he goes when he goes. And Jordan Degraw! He´s in the field now right? I´ll want to get his address!! Thanks!

So Uncle Paul and the gang are moving huh?! That´s crazy!!! But I miss them, it´s been too long, so now I can visit them more, because before, I couldn´t enter texas hahaha. just kidding haha.

Anyways I don´t really have a lot more to say but Dad, like always, yes this email "found" me well and healthly haha. You´re funny :P haha. I´ll be talking to you guys this next sunday! 5pm here, more or less 11 there (I think!) Skype, I will download it where I will be using it! if it doesn´t work I will be calling too! okay? Sweet! Talk to you then!! :)

Com grande amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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