Monday, October 17, 2011

Um Milagre! (A Miracle!)

So check out the new tab--pictures! Grant finally sent a few pictures, which I have posted.


What a good week! haha. Well, each week has its ups and downs but this week we had a miracle that was just awesome. So we had been teaching some different families this past week and nothing was working out at all. But last sunday we had a man come to church and he just said: How can I learn more about your church! It was Awesome! So we went to his house and taught the restauração (restoration) and he loved it! We asked him to pray about the book of mormon and he asked us why because he already knew it was true! haha. Anyways the next time, we asked him how his prayer went and he said he knew it was true and that the law of chastity was the way (because we taught him that too). Which was interesting because he meant it as completey (complimentary, maybe?), because he is married right now. So we started teaching the plan of salvation trying to figure out exactly what he needed and found out that his real problem was why bring someone into the world if we will just suffer. Anyways, we had another lesson and everything is awesome! He will be baptized this sunday! Super excited! When his wife returns we will have to teach her too!

So we made pineapple juice today. Be jealous Phil! :P haha.

My companion and the other companionship says that I´m doing really good with the lanugage. They actually think I´m ahead of where I need to be! haha. Crazy! That´s good! I do feel like i´m doing well. I actually talked to that guy I just described by myself while my companion was on the phone. (He is the district leader so he gets to talk a lot haha). And I was understanding everything and more imporantly he could understand me perfectly! But then again there are some days where I have no idea what Is going on still hahah. It´s all the process of learning though! haha

So We had a training with our president and I have decided he is the man! Speaking of the man, look up 2 Samuel 12:7. You´ll get a good laugh haha.

This will be the start of week 6 out in the field! 6 more weeks of "training" which is weird! haha. Salt Lake City huh?!  (Grant is talking about Corinne's brother, Dallin. He is going to be in Salt Lake City serving his mission until his visa finally comes through. He is supposed to be in Brazil.) That´s crazy awesome! :) I know he´s probably a little bummed about not going to Brasil right now, but being able to understand the people is a huge help hahaha.

I believe that all living arrangments here are 4 or more missionaries. Oh, and another intersting thing is that we are not allowed to "Clap" at doors (knock haha) Because here, it´s just horrible hahah.

I´m not sure about the mail service! But I really hope it is working cause I have some mail to send, so when I get an oportunity to send it i´ll check in on it!!! And with the surroundings.. Yeah kind of! hahah. I know where certain people are so I can basically get there. pretty well! haha I get better each day though!!

Get on the church website, and my ward is: Limoeiro. This is to see where I am! So if you want to look where I am that´s what to do! :) Sorry I can´t give out more!!

Well, I wish I had more!!! but I don't know!! So!

Seu Filho, Irmão, e Amigo,
Élder Grant
Shaw Merrill

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