Monday, October 24, 2011

O Que Aconteceu..? (What Happened?)


What´s up yall? haha. Crazy week! Where to start? How about with our "miracle investigator" haha. He was awesome! He listened really well and he really understood what we were talking about. But then... One day we went to go teach him and he had this entire set up planned. He brought us in and showed us some food and with paper under the food saying Cuidado...something can´t remember the other word exactly but it means "careful! Venom!" Então, so, We were a little worried of his next move hahah. He asks us if we believed him and had confidence in him and we said yes. And started eating some of the food and drinking from some of the drink. And finally he didn´t eat one of the pieces of food and didn´t drink any of the coke there. Eventually he showed us that he had injected venom into the food and into the coke. So we were kind of freaked out at that point and worried of what the point was of this haha. So! Basically to make a long story short, this was his way of saying there is danger in some truth! Because he belived that joseph smith was a prophet and that the book of mormon is true, but there are dangers. And dangers in the bible too. For example: His belief was that sexual relaionships inside of marriage is pornography as well and that God would never want us to leave his presence and that we are all brought into this world by sin. Basically, He says he believes the bible but he really doesn't because he picks and chooses the "danger" scriptures or truth ones. It´s the bible of José! haha. Anyways after 1 hour and 30 minutes of talking nothing happened. Really sad but! He comes to church still, so who knows hahah. I´ll see if i can attach a photo of him.

That being said, We did have a baptism this week! It was awesome! I´m having a similar concern that Phil did though. The people here are...idk...very casual about church, so I feel like we need to work very hard to make sure he stays strong in this gospel so we don´t lose him!

So the strike is over! Because I received tons of letters the other day! None from you mom though! Sorry! Probably soon!!

Question: Can I use regular solution with my contact cases?

If there is something that I have learned to grow and love this week, is when we receive food from members. Because this past 2 weeks we have only had 2-3 lunches with members, all the rest were forgotten or we were given money, so yeah. Give food to missionaries they love it, trust me hahah. Hey speaking of: in your next letter, send some recipes that are awesome! :) Especially you Phil! :) hahah.

So there´s two theme musics here in this part of São Paulo. First: Funk. Which is really bad and the beat never ever changes. The other: This liquid Gás thing. It´s trucks that drive around blasting music all day long. That´s all we ever hear, or american music haha.

So we had a ping pong competition this week! But...I didn´t go because we went on splits last mintue! haha. But it´s okay, we had a really good turn out and recieved lots of new names that we can visit. Right now, we receive a lot of names of jovens (young...guys haha) and we go and visit the families. We are working our hardest to find more families and more people to teach each day!

BRASIL!!!! AHHH That´s so awesome!!! (Grant's friend Louie Arne received his mission call to Brazil.) Starts with a J? João Pessoa? That could be the furtherest east I´m not totally sure though!!! AH So awesome!! And Shelby too:?!:! Crazy!! hahah. So many people going to BRASIL!!!! Now Jared needs to go there :P hahaha.

Let me know how fishing goes!! I really have been wanting to go! So Yeah I wore my jacket to the temple but that´s about it and zone conferences. Short sleeved everywhere else!! But the weather here is strange. Because for a week straight it just rained but then it hasn´t for a while now haha. So who knows :P But thanks so much for the backpack cover and umbrella been using them well! haha. But it´s going into ...spring i think from winter... yes that´s right... I think hahaha.

This week is transfers!!! Crazy!!! We got a new elder early beacuse he got his visa and came from the states!! So now both companionships in our apartment are trainers and being trained! Like me :) hahah.

Are primary programs all for the same day? Because ours was this past sunday too!!! Crazy! haha.

Anyways, well, it´s going great here! I´m definitely learning how to be a better missionary everyday and trying not to fall into bad habits. You really have to be thinking about how to be better all the time to not get off track!! It´s so important to be sooooo focused all the time. But at the same time, I think it is so important to use P-Day to relax. Or else, you would go crazy!!!

Something I learned this past week, and alllllllll the time, that faith is essential. We have to always have faith that we are where we need to be. if we are doing what we are supposed to then we need to know that the lord will work it out! Faith is so essential. if you do not trust the Lord, how can you accomplish anything. That is what faith is, saying hey I know you know better, so I´ll do what I need to and you will show me the way! We need to also have faith the people here will do what we say. Once again, if we do not have faith in that nothing will happen! Anyways, probably should go now! Ciao!

Com Amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

So Picture 4 is José. The first story guy! haha. So we get pretty creative when we don´t have a place to eat haha. Also glad you liked the Thou Art The Man scriptrue :p haha. Foi Ótimo! haha. I also don't know Ruth Shaw! Maybe I will when I see her! Oh hey you should write down movies I should see, and books I should read, music, Idk stuff like that that I would like! That would be awesome :P oh hey, The Lybian guy was killed?! the Dictator right? What will happen now? You know what I miss about sundays? Nachos!! I miss those so much :P But, I do get tons of Juice here that is awesome! haha. Sorry I´m writing more now haha, but I´m also waiting for the photos to go through! And hmm... Seeing the Good in Yourself.... I´m not sure... hmm... My mind works like a missionary right now, so I´m trying to think of a scripture story hahah. I guess maybe realizing... that Christ died for us and not for him. And so we have this great gift that we can use everyday to repent of our sins and better everyday and realize that we are God´s Children. Sorry Idk! haha.

See the pictures posted under the pictures tab!

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