Monday, May 7, 2012

Next Week!


Alrighty! Happy news! Kaio was baptized this sunday past! Yes I´m so happy! I was so happy for him and that he got baptized. He was going to the church for more than a year and finally he was baptized! haha. That´s so good :) His parents were there and I hope they liked it :)

The work here in Jacareí is getting better slowly! That´s for sure! I´m definitely learning lots! We had a really good training with our president this week. It was actually his last one before he leaves which is weird! But I definitely will miss him tons. He´s helped me out so much and he just knows what´s right. He talked about some very spiritual expierences that had happened with him and Elder Schenk and his family and all that and just it made my testimony grow even more. I won´t share what he said because it was pretty sacred but I just know that the power of the priesthood is true and the priesthood keys are true as well. If we have faith and we are worthy. We can perform miracles. Just think about any story in the bible and see how the priesthood was used and you will see that it is powerful and real. It makes me so happy for my examples in my life and made me think of Dad as well. I was realizing how great of an example Dad is for me in my life. You always treated mom with the most upright respect and were always the most loving and just in everything you did you did it with honor. You truely showed me how a father and husband should be. I know I´m extremely blessed to have parents like you guys and I want to be like you guys and especially like dad (cause he´s a guy :P hahaha) when I´m a father.

Man, everytime I hear Gavin stories I miss him more :P Hes so awesome!!! Jared will be a very awesome missionary! I´m so excited to hear about him more! I will definitely want to receive his e-mails! Transfers are next week!

Alright, sorry I´m not having too much time these past couple of times and my mind has been everywhere so I haven´t been able to say a whole lot sorry, but I´ll get back in the groove :P haha but I love you guys!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

So I had a little treat today--Grant was on line while I was at work so we were trying to figure out the best time to talk next Sunday for Mother's Day--I had to laugh with his final e-mail:

Okay, so I hope that works! We will plan on 4:30-5 okay? :) Man, I´m nervous, english is hard :P haha. but I´m way excited! :) I can´t wait until next sunday Mom, I love you so very much! :)

It's hard to imagine that English is now his hard language!

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