Monday, April 30, 2012

good week! :)


Alright! So this week was very good! Well.. It had it´s ups and downs but that´s okay it was good in the end! So Alessandro, the kid we were teaching, ended up going to jail. So that was kind of a bad part of our week. We have been trying to get him baptized for a couple of weeks so far and nothing was happening and he ended up going to jail. But we are teaching his dad and trying to help him out and he´s really cool. So there´s some progress there. But the awesome part of this week was that the sunday before we met this kid named Caio. Aparently he has been going to church for 1 year and 3  months and that he was never baptized! I didn´t even know that... haha. So we met up with him and it was because his parents weren´t allowing it at all. But we just went there explained somethings to her and she let it be and his dad too. We were going to baptize him yesterday but it turned out some relatives wanted to see his baptism, so we have to wait this sunday that comes now. But I´m super super excited now :) :)

Also, i forgot to tell you. But here in Jacareí, there´s a lot of random people riding horses haha. Like a lot. It amazed me how many people do that. But it´s dang sweet haha.

Yes, I´m very excited to talk to you guys too here in a little bit! It´lll be very exciting. I´m pretty sure we can use skype again! And this time, it will be a richer person´s house, so it will work fine :P hahaha jk :P kind of haha. I loved the peanut butter by the way! Very good! Elder Holland spoke in english and had a translator. I´ll try and sned you guys a letter soon, sorry i´m slacking! That was cool that you guys saw alan! I´m sure he´s doing great! :) 

Dad, i know you´ll be read yfor your race when the time comes :P and you´ll own it :P haha. But Sorry, I got to go already, I promise I´ll write more next week! I love you guys!! :)

Com amor,

Élder grant Shaw Merrill

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