Monday, April 9, 2012

Let´s read the weekly letter....hmm...WHAT?! awesome :)

Note:  We were in Rexburg this weekend and when we e-mailed Grant not only did Evan & I write, but at the bottom, Phil, Corinne & Grant Collins (Grant's cousin) each added a note to Grant--thus the title of this week's post.


What a good week/alrighty week. First off the alright part. Paloma, the girl with who we have been working, didn't get baptized this week, and it seems like now that she is fleeing from us, so that's not super fun. I've been trying to think where did we go wrong and what we could have done better. But now, it's a little too late. But with the good part, me and my companion did a really good weekly planning. This next week we are trying to focus more on doing family home evening with members and their friends, visting families with non-members in the family and woking with the older recent converts here. Originally we were basically just doing contacts because that worked so well in my old area , but you have to adapt to the area and also work is very difficult without the help of members haha. So this week that comes we really will be working with that and I'm hoping to have 1-2 baptisms this next week (we had 2 people at church, but one is an eternal, but the other is really excited about the church :)) and 7 people at church!!! And now we just got to find those people!!!

Hey dad! Request!!! Can I get my line of authority? I was talking with a elder last night and we talked about that I realized I don't know mine. I would really love it. I'm pretty sure it's just dad to dad to dad. Hey speaking of! I was looking into a book about church history and I saw something interesting... first off: we are related to Marriner Wood Merrill right? Did you know there is a Joseph F. Merrill (his son) who was also an aposlte? That's cool hahah. But I think he's kind of related to us. Because Marriner had like 8 wives and he's from a different wife. hahah way cool :P but if i'm right this is what I got: Marriner Wood Merrill.... Charles Edward Merrill.... Laville Hendricks Merrill.... Then there's no record but it should be Owen S. Merrill.... Evan Merrill.... Me!!! Is it right? I don't know. But yay! Also, i was talking about all the people in my family their history and all that and I was realizing something, some of my aunts and uncles I don't know a whole lot about. First off I would love like a pedigree chart of them and their kids. that'd be sweet :)

Hey! you guys didn't answer some of the questions I had :P haha. So easter was awesome! we went to a member's house to celebrate easter... the birthday of their son... and mine :] they sung para bens and happy birthday to me and ate cake and I got a HUGE chocolate egg that I´m SO excited to eat today! yes!! With other goodies inside. Anyways it was sweet! I also got homemade cookies from another member and another egg haha. I'm spolied :] yes! And if the package is the mission home, I will get it tomorrow! okay? sweet! :)

Corinne's all grown up now and graduated? Well, finally! haha i'm kidding :) congratz! Jonathan is going now? yay! what's louie's address? It was really good to hear from everyone and good to hear that there are some people that think of me from time to time hahah. :P But hey so the subject of this email...

April 21, Jeffery R. Holland is coming to our mission! This is the second time he came to this mission when my president was president! And this will be my third apostle I will meet! wow I just dropped my jaw when I saw that. But there is a slight chance that not the entire mission will meet him, but I doubt it haha. But I'm so very excited and so VERY lucky to have this happen and very ready to learn :) but I got to go! Got lots to do today! tonight I'll learn if i was transfered or not!

com amor,
élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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